High West Rendezvous Rye Whiskey

High West Rendezvous Rye Whiskey, Batch 47, Bottle 421, 46% abv(92 proof), $40-45

A big ole nose of cinnamon stick, clove, vanilla, peppermint, and burned sugar is freshened up with crisp Green Apple. One of the more interesting noses I’ve been introduced to this year. The first sip is intense with rye spice, volumes of vanilla, some barrel char, and an extremely rich and viscous mouth feel – quite oily and coating. The finish takes hold with huge rye spice, cinnamon, mint, and vanilla and it lingers for ages. Outstanding finish to this whiskey. Drink neat at room temperature to get the full experience, but don’t hesitate to add a few teaspoons of spring water to cool it down a shade. Feel free to mix, but with a whiskey this fantastic, why would you? (Highly recommended).

Sour Mash Manifesto Rating: 9.4 (Outstanding/Superb)

Note: As mentioned in the video review, High West Rendezvous Rye Whiskey was sourced (read: not distilled by High West) from an undisclosed distillery. It’s a blending of two Ryes, a 6 year old 95% Rye and a 16 year old 80% Rye. This product has been out for a couple of years, but High West being a new distillery, wanted to put a whiskey out to market and did not have enough aged product to do so. Rendezvous Rye was the result. Whatever your opinion may be on “sourced” vs. distilled, or whether or not that’s a true “micro” or “artisan” distillery, the proof is always in the pudding. When these arguments are removed from the equation, this Whiskey stands on it’s own merit. High West does distill other products, namely Vodka, and to my knowledge is producing and aging its own whiskey.


  1. Texas says:

    This is some of the best stuff I have ever had..scotch, rye, bourbon..whatever. Unfortunately it is not sold in Texas (and we can’t mail order whiskey into Texas). I bought my bottle for ordering it from Binny’s while working in New Mexico.

  2. Anorak1977 says:

    I’m afraid I’m going to be the lone one to disagree on this one! I forget the batch # that I had, but to me this was all hot and bothered. The ratio of young/old spirit seemed to be off. I searched and searched for complexity, but could not find it. I preferred the Rittenhouse 100 proof over it.

    My hypothesis? Artificial enzymes used by LDI to produce such a high rye content from unmalted grain in one of the aged components of the blend. That, and or greater than expected batch variations.

    Then to my great surprise, I opened my first bottle of Sazerac 18 a couple of weeks back, and wow. I’m still speechless!

  3. Randy Watson says:

    Jason: Spot on with your review. This juice is now in my top 5 favorite whiskeys. Once again you nailed it!

  4. Thanks Randy. I love Rendezvous.

  5. Randy Watson says:

    Jason : Have you tried the High West Bourye?

  6. Randy I have indeed. It’s very good and something I’d probably put in the medium to high 8 range. I like it. I have a review coming soon on Son of Bourye. Stay tuned.

  7. JK says:

    Jason, We poured the HW Rendezvous Rye last night for the first time, and it is surely a distinctive whiskey for me. The aroma, body, flavors and finish fall quite outside the spectrum defined by any whiskey I’ve previously tried. Wild stuff indeed and probably not something that I’ll reach for on its own. Its distinctiveness made me imagine myself a blender and turn to its usefulness in other ways. For example, we began by adding a tablespoon to a dram of Wild Turkey 101, making quite a wonderful combination (better for me than either product on its own). It will be blast to see what happens with this Rye when used with tonic, sode, absinthe, other rye whiskies and other bourbons. Thanks for the review.

  8. Randy Watson says:

    Jason: Tried the High West 21-year old Rocky Mountain Rye. Excellent juice. Pricey at $130/bottle but a very good whiskey.

  9. Randy – glad you enjoyed it – but wow!!!! what a price. Hadn’t seen it that high.

  10. Paul Dray says:

    Just managed to purchase a bottle of High West Rendezvous Rye here in the UK for £47. So looking forward to trying it! Hopefully I’ll be agreeing with your review Jason! Cheers.

  11. Paul, let me know what you think about Rendezvous after you try it.

  12. Paul Dray says:

    Jason just got my Rendezvous. Wow…this is quite somthing and quite unique..

    Agree on the cinnamon stick thing, peppermint, vanilla and getting the fruity green apples too. First thing that hit me though was like a foresty pine sap thing going on and definitely violet candy. It’s very floral and aromatic and there’s a real nice soft warming type aroma as it opens up in the glass too over time. Very complex nose!

    Yep rye spiceyness, cinnamon (more in the mouth than on nose for me), violets again, black treacle/molasses, red hot candy, mint, and vanilla. here’s one for you..right at the end of the finish it leaves you with a slight aftertaste of a good aged Pu-er tea (something else i’m very fond of).

    Nice oily and thick mouthfeel too. And VERY moreish!

    Thanks again for leading me to purchasing it! I trust you implicitly! 🙂

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