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Eagle Rare 10 Year Old Single Barrel Bourbon

Eagle Rare 10 Year Old Single Barrel Bourbon, 45% abv(90 Proof), $33-38/bottle

This one is a big bruiser of a bourbon opening up with a lot of barrel char, oak, vanilla, caramel, and some moderate spice on the nose. Not a whole lot of finesse here, and really gives you some “pop”. It drinks a good bit stronger than it’s 45% alcohol or 90 proof might indicate. The first sip (or chew) yields a lot of burned sugar & caramel, along with maple syrup, light mint, dry spice notes, and some resiny grip (tannin) and char. The mouth feel is thick and coats well leading to a long finish of vanilla, oaky dryness, and some light tingle on the tongue. Perhaps a bit “loose” around the edges but I respect it’s rough and tumble ways and recommend this bourbon.

Sour Mash Manifesto Rating: 8.4 (Excellent)


  1. I don’t know, I find this Bourbon a little on the weak side as opposed to ‘big bruiser’ side! It seems a little acidic and astringent and I don’t get a huge mouth feel or long finish. I was kind of disappointed. Maybe I’ve been drinking too much Stagg!!
    Is the 17 yr any better?

  2. One of the first Bourbons I tried that I really got a lot of earthy wood, and even char from the barrel in. Runs just shy of 30 bucks here, and to me that makes it well worth keeping a bottle of around.

  3. Agreed – good value.

  4. Here in Finland we have about 4 premium bourbons which to choose. This was interesting because it’s bit older than 3 others(maker’s, roses small batch, knob) 🙂
    In label they are talking about portwine, and I think it’s bit “unbourbony” and really reminds me old fortified wine. Classy stuff, with reasonable price, that means 45 euros including taxes!

  5. Markku – thanks for the comment all the way from Finland. Wow – I’d have a tough time with only 4 premium bourbons offered, but the Four Roses would be a great choice.

  6. I recently picked up a bottle and was fairly disappointed. I had heard/read good things but it was rather disappointing. For me there was a rather unpleasant metallic finish that built as I drank which I didn’t care for. As a friend who sampled it said, ” I do not prefer this.”

  7. Jason, I decided to buy this b/c of all the mixed reviews. I’m getting no rye bite on the finish. The grip is overtaking the development of this along with a strong methanol note. But it’s barrel to barrel right. I will continue to work on it but my first impressions are a little corny, spirity and oak forward. Maybe some oxygen will do this some good. Cheers.

  8. I can get Eagle Rare for about $23 at my local liquor store in Dallas, TX. I’ve always enjoyed Wild Turkey which runs me about $19. Originally ER was created to compete with WT, but how do the modern birds compare? Is it worth the extra $4 for ER over WT?

  9. I have to disagree with many comments. I love this bourbon. It is a vanilla bomb to me. there is definitely a tannic quality but I think it gives it character. it drinks bigger in flavors but not in mouthfeel and body to me. really enjoy this one!

  10. I think your recommendations are good. I’ve used them to broaden my own bourbon horizons. Your domain should be changed to, however, since that’s what I keep thinking it is. Cheers!

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