George Dickel No 12 (White Label) Tennessee Whisky

George Dickel No. 12 Tennessee Whisky, 45% abv(90 Proof), $19/bottle

George Dickel No. 12 was a major shock to the system honestly. And I’m not sure why because many folks are devoted drinkers of the stuff, including my late (and great) grandparents. But this is a lesson that a higher price does not equate to a better product. In the case of George Dickel No. 12, that’s absolutely true. This amber/copper Tennessee Whisky (Dickel prefers to use the traditional Scottish spelling, losing the “e”) smells of pungent sweet corn, honey, dried fruits (apricots/raisins), scant vanilla, and some floral notes. The first sip is where this whisky shows it’s stuff with well integrated sweetness of honey and vanilla, sweet corn and grain, followed by mint and toasted oak. Wonderfully soft but, layered, persistent, and full of flavor – almost elegant. The finish is sweetly spiced with long and lingering oak and vanilla. A beautiful pour of whisky that makes Tennessee proud. This may be one of the top 2-3 whiskys under $20 on the planet. Mr. Dickel (and my grandparents) would be proud.

Sour Mash Manifesto Rating: 8.7 (Excellent)


  1. Bob, glad we align on reviews most times. Remember, taste is subjective. I believe the Dickel 12 is an outstanding whiskey and stand by the review. Your not liking it does not require a sorry – it just is what it is. Cheers!

  2. peacelion says:

    I love your reviews!
    I’m french, living in Paris, and it’s really hard to find bourbon here. There is one shop in Paris specialized in Whisky/Whiskey, and even at 72 euros (97 $), the 1L no12 Dickel worth the price !
    This bourbon is incredible.

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