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Old Forester Birthday Bourbon 2010

Old Forester Birthday Bourbon 2010, 47.5% abv (95 Proof), $40/bottle

Welcome back Birthday Bourbon. Well, to be truthful it never went away, but recent offerings have been sub standard in comparison to earlier years. The 2010 release is right up there with some of the best from this limited edition product. That same deep red, amber color yields a big and rich nose of vanilla custard, clove, nutmeg, dark brown sugar, ginger, candied citrus peel (orange), and dried fruits. The oaky nuances are there, but never overpower the nose – love it! In the mouth, Birthday Bourbon assures with wonderful winter spices – clove and nutmeg, hot ginger, brown sugar, vanilla, raisin, and bitter orange. Sounds like the best the fall/winter has to offer doesn’t it? Again the oak is there but well integrated and a supporting character in spite of the fact this whiskey spent 12+ years in the barrel. The finish of this whiskey is superb – long and lingering hot and spicy with the bitterness of orange, sawdust and wood. Old Forester B-day is a fantastic pour of whiskey just in time for the holiday season.

Sour Mash Manifesto Rating: 9.3 (Superb/Outstanding)


  1. I thought last year’s Birthday was a damn good pour too, and I’m nursing the last of it right now. Looking forward to getting some of this year’s when I’m in NY next month. Can’t get it here in PA because the stupid PLCB discontinued Old Forester’s regular offerings, which now puts the Birthday out of reach of the citizens of the Commonwealth. Cretins!

    Keep up the good work, Jason!

  2. Where did buy this, Mr. Pyle?

  3. Howdy there, are you having difficulties with the hosting? I needed to refresh the page about huge number of times in order to get the page to run!

  4. You know – good question I’m not sure. It’s hosted by Go Daddy and all the vids are on Youtube so maybe they hit a little glitch. Email me at if you ever notice that again. Thanks for making me aware – I’ll check with my provider.

  5. Jason, have you tried the 2011 release of the birthday and does it compare to the 2010 which you rated pretty high? It is available at my local liquor store now and I was considering picking up a bottle. Instead, this past trip, I picked up a bottle of single barrel 4 yr Willett straight rye 110 proof.

  6. Josh, I hope to review this one soon. Haven’t had it yet. I will have a review of the Single Barrel Willett rye that is 3 years old. I LOVE It. Great stuff!

  7. Have you tried the 100 proof Old Forester?

  8. Not yet Phil, but I hope to soon. Cheers!

  9. Hey Jason. Stumbled across this 2010 version at a mom and pop store. They only had 1 dusty bottle left but I did not pick it up because I didn’t know much about it?!? Would you recommend adding it to the lineup?

  10. Found some OF on the “clearance” shelf at the PA State Store I go to… struggling to get through a 2 finger pour right now. Youve described it accurately – the oak is prominent, nose and taste – and a drop of water tones the harshness ( a little) and lets the sweet be more noticeable. The aftertase reminds me of cheap stuff from college. I almost tried the Bulliet 10 year old, but wasnt in the mood at that high of a price – yet. But the trip wasnt a total waste – I did add two single malts I havent tasted yet to my cabinet.

  11. To clarify – I did NOT have the BIrthday Bourbon…..

  12. I want to heartily recommend the OF Signature. After the OF86 won a double gold medal in San Fran, I went to the local ABC store (Alabama) to try a pint, but in light of everything I’ve read on this website I just couldn’t bring myself to waste $8 on a pint, so I got the 100 proof OFS instead. It is very similar to WT101 and Old Granddad BIB, but better–strong wood and rye notes like both of those, but very prominent, well defined citrus sweetness–mango or apricot?–to balance the dry bite. Amazing nose and aftertaste. And for $19–wow.

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