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I find RSS is the best way for me to keep up with all of the whiskey blogs and resources on the internet. Google reader is my tool of choice for doing that. And while I recommend all of the sites I link to (otherwise I wouldn’t do it!), I want to take a moment and call out a few specific sites that I’ve really grown to love and enjoy. Each of these sites is unique and filled with outstanding insight on the world of whiskey.

Click the “red” highlighted links below to view these sites.

Ralfy’s Video Reviews ( If there is anyone that is inimitable in the video review space, Ralfy Mitchell is that person. Ralfy is relaxed, personable, extremely well versed and intelligent when it comes to whiskey from around the globe. He also calls it like he sees it, and understands that value is important. Ralfy is truly an ambassador to the world of whiskey and I’m glad I discovered him over 18 months ago. His style is totally unique, you will learn a lot, and most probably will be hooked like I am. He posts frequently so there is always some great content coming from his site. The highest compliment I can pay him is he’s one of the guys that spurned my idea, “I should do video reviews on American Whiskey.” Highly recommended.

KL Wines Spirit Journal: This may very well be my favorite whiskey site on the internet right now. Ran by David Driscoll and David Girard, these guys make almost every other wine and spirits merchant look downright slack as hell. The two Davids are key buyers for KL Wines 3 stores in the San Francisco Bay Area of CA and Los Angeles. They post frequently about the industry, give fresh forward thinking opinions, keep you up to date on the latest and greatest products, and education. More merchants should be investing in the later. What better way to keep informed customers coming to your shop that want to learn and experience more whiskey. And just to be clear, they promote their shop, but the primary function of the blog from my viewpoint is thought leadership and just great content about the world of whiskey. Highly recommended.

American Craft Spirits: Matt Colglazier leads the way in information on the “little guy”, the upstart, and the boutique distilleries across the US. Matt’s passionate about promoting these small distilleries and provides a window into that world unlike anyone else. Few, if any, are doing what Matt does, and to the level he’s doing it. He covers a ton of ground including everything from Vodka to Gin to Rum, but he doesn’t neglect whiskey, giving it equal stage. Matt’s distillery profiles and interviews are informative and his written reviews are well done.

Dramming: Oliver Klimek’s site,, is a great resource for whiskey lovers. Pure, clean and straightforward information and reviews. Reviews come up probably 4-5 times per week and in some cases more. He covers mostly Single Malt Scotch but dips into whiskey around the world also. I admire his simple approach to reviews and look forward to what he posts each and every week. (Davin’s Site): Davin de Kergommeaux started this site a year or so ago I believe. Recently he just put out his first annual awards for Canadian Whisky across a number of categories. It was excellent stuff and reminded me that I need to be thinking of the same thing as well. Suffice it to say our brothers to the north make some great whiskey. Davin’s site is committed to promoting the great “brown stuff” that Canada has to offer. I’ve learned a great deal reading Davin’s site. His reviews are super thorough and I like his simple star rating system.

Well, there are many more that I love and I will get around to showcasing them soon. But I wanted to take a moment and call out a few great ones that I enjoy weekly and even daily. One big common denominator (that I have seen) about folks within or writing/talking/blogging about the world of whiskey – most are great people. Check ’em out when you have some time!

Drink your Bourbon!



  1. Agree w you about Ralfy and his site. Another plus: you get to learn how to really pronounce the names of the Scotch! is a nice site. Have to say I agree with Davin about Lot40 – sadly no longer produced but a fantastic Canadian Rye (found all my bottles as dusties).

    Didn’t know about Dramming (probably bc my focus these days is on bourbon) but I still like a dram or two of the unpeated Scotch (but is it still REALLY Scotch? ;). Will have to check it out.

  2. Hey Jason. Yeah, I found Ralfy right around the time I joined Twitter and found you, and it just so happened that he was beginning his string of American whiskey reviews, so that worked out well for me. I’ve had a bit of a hard time really finding the scotches most appropriate for where my palate is at this time; I find it’s often hard to relate to Scotch-centric sites, mostly because either the scotches covered are too expensive to experiment with here in the U.S. or they’re simply not easily available. I haven’t looked into Dramming, so I’ll take a look at that one.

    I was fortunate to find Ralfy’s Bunnahabhain 12 review a number of months ago: I’ve struggled with unpleasant, sweaty-tasting, peat-loaded Islay scotches in the past, and only really returned to one [somewhat] modestly-priced bottle of scotch more than once (Clynelish from the Highlands). Thankfully, I retained the name Bunnahabhain and found the newer-released craft version (the older, weaker one is still on shelves as well). I’m really, really digging it, and I hope I can use its profile to branch out with scotch. (Made me feel special that Ralfy chose it as his 2010 whisky of the year, heh.)

    Your approachability (along with the hundreds and hundreds of dollars I laid down for the BTAC and Pappy bottles last year) continues to inspire me to create videos like yours where I can express my passions for and observations of whiskey. It’s very clear to me how your focus on American whiskey is really working to your advantage here in your creation of an efficient domain where relevant information can be easily found, and I admire you for that. (Ralfy’s 10-minute rule is a wonderful thing, btw!)

    Keep up the good work!

  3. Aaron thanks so much for the comment! One of the reason I really enjoy Ralfy is exactly what you pointed out with Bunnahabhain. A good value whiskey and he knows how to spot them. I love that he’s real and doesn’t always rate $300 bottles.

    As for this site, I have really enjoyed doing it and suggest you give it a go. It’s fun for a whiskey nerd like me to talk about something I love so much. There are folks and bloggers that have so much more knowledge than me, but the nice thing about the internet is everyone can express their opinion. These resources I mentioned are folks that I think do a wonderful job as ambassadors of whiskey and each have their own sort of way of doing it. As well as their own subjects in a way.

    I chose to focus on American Whiskey because that’s what I know best. I know my way around scotch a bit and I love it, but not to the extend of Bourbon and American Whiskey. Like you, it just suits my tastes best. I don’t think there is anything finer in this world than a top notch Rye or a Bourbon. I’d put it up against anything out there made. At the same time, I have the utmost respect for the history, traditions, and the people that make other whiskey around the globe.

    But the great thing for us is we don’t have to choose just one. And when you want to try something different and see what Canada has to offer, or what new craft whiskey is making waves, these are some great sites to give you the info you need.

    Looking forward to meeting you in Chicago this Spring!

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