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Great Whiskey Resources Part 2: Podcasts

In an information age where “stuff” is flying at you in an instant it’s tough sometimes to carve out 45 mins to an hour to listen to a podcast. But here are two in the whiskey world that are worth your time.

WhiskyCast (w/ Mark Gillespie): WhiskyCast has been around for about 5 years. I’ve only been listening to them for about a year now, and I’m so glad I found it. Mark Gillespie is the host and has some of the most informed guests on his show each week. In addition to interviews, Mark spends some time on weekly whiskey news and tastings. You can find WhiskyCast on iTunes and it’s free.

K&L Spirits Journal Podcast: A few days ago I posted some great whiskey resources. One of those was the Spirits Journal blog of K & L Wines ran by David Driscoll and David Girard. David Driscoll produces a podcast and just kick started it up again recently. He’s on his third podcast and already his interviews have included one of the foremost historians of Bourbon (Chuck Cowdery) and arguably the most interesting man in whiskey (John Glaser of Compass Box Whisky Co. ). This podcast is also free and available on iTunes.

Give these podcasts a listen and you’ll be rewarded with in depth whiskey industry information. They’re both great ways to stay informed and learn more about the brown stuff. Thanks for producing them guys and keep up the great work.

Drink you Bourbon!



  1. Franco Campanella

    January 23, 2011 at 7:54 AM

    Jason, found the K&L podcast yesterday because of your post. Now i’m hooked. Nice pick!!!!

  2. Glad you liked it!

  3. Man, I tried to stay with the Cowdery podcast, but I just can’t concentrate for that long, and I like Chuck! I’d have enjoyed it much more if it had been more succinct and less rambling, I just don’t have the time. Are they all like that?

  4. Sam I would say that they provide a lot of opportunity to just simply converse and chat. From that some good conversations and nuggets can emerge. The best one is the latest one with John Glaser. I loved it. if you are a fan of theirs or want to learn more about how they are about the only one doing things the way they are, it’s a great listen. John is very transparent and David Driscoll leads the discussion well but let’s John do his thing.

  5. Jason.

    Thanks for the head-up on the K&L podcast. What a great insight into the world of whiskey. I’ve been trying to learn and experience as much as I can since last May. Always nice to find new resources to expand my knowledge. Keep up the great work as I love your blog & reviews.

  6. Matt, glad you liked it. Stick with those, I am certain David is going to continue to deliver great stuff on those podcasts. Appreciate the comments and visiting the site. Thank you.

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