Great Whiskey Resources Continued

Folks, I think it’s really important to point out great websites and resources on whiskey when I find them. I’ll continue to do this over time. Hopefully you’ll find this useful since there’s a lot of people that know their stuff out there. Here are two more websites I’d like to share with you.

Check ’em out! (click the link in “red”)

Bourbon Dork: Greg runs this great whiskey driven website. He posts consistently informative content spanning whiskey industry news, reviews, and opinion pieces with his informed “take” on the brown stuff. While the title is bourbon related, Greg’s a fount of knowledge of whiskey from across the globe. Check out his front page as we speak. You’ll see an article on hard to find bourbons, Single Malt, and Indian Malt Whiskey. Highly recommended for anyone that loves whiskey.

The Whisky Wire: I’ve been visiting Steve Rush’s The Whisky Wire site for a number of months now. I’m darn glad I found it to. Steve leans a little more heavily towards the Scotch side of the whiskey equation, but he gives a nod to American Whiskey and Bourbon from time to time as well. Recently Steve, who does a lot of in-depth reviews, went to a “score-free zone” as he calls it. Essentially he no longer gives whiskey that he reviews a numeric score/rating. Instead he allows the whiskey to stand on it’s own merit based on the written tasting notes and descriptors in the review itself. I applaud his efforts efforts there.


  1. JWC says:

    Bourbondork – Greg – is THE man when it comes to dusty hunting. His “kills” are inspirational and awesome.

  2. Greg says:

    Jason – thanks for the shout out. Hopefully folks visiting my blog find my ramblings somewhat entertaining. Cheers.

  3. Texas says:

    I agree, bourbondork, first place I had ever heard of dusty hunting. Almost makes me want to explore some of the old stores in the bad parts of Houston. Almost…

  4. JWC says:

    Texas, inspired by Greg and other SB’ers, I started dusty hunting in Houston last year. Found some dusties but for the most part, as has been explained to me, the stores in Houston have been picked clean of the easy pickings by a few of the SB’ers. Still able to find some dusties and semi-dusties of bourbon, scotch and canadian.

  5. Greg’s a machine with that. I have to admit guys that my bunker is not that enviable in the least. Lot’s of “current” models and few wonderful faves from days gone by. When it comes to thinking “do I or don’t I” in terms of opening up an oldie, I usually do. Then I have this thing about bottles changing dramatically and I try to finish them in a few months. So this makes it a little hard to build a stash that could compete with some of the best out there. I’m getting better and more patient as the years go by. But it’s hard not to crack em open! So much great whiskey – too little time!

  6. Greg says:

    Dusty hunting most times is an exercise in patience. There’s been many times I’ve gone on the hunt and come back empty handed only to return to the same store and score some dusty bottles. I found one 500ml bottle of Old Fitzgerald BIB from 1982 in one store and asked the owner if they had any more and they said “no”. I talked my way into the back store room and came out with 15 500ml and 27 200 ml bottles of Old Fitz. Patience and persistence grasshopper.

  7. Texas says:

    ..since I got mugged in likely the most crime free suburb in Texas, I don’t think I will chance it in the rougher parts. Maybe I will do some dusty hunting in the come of wet small towns in East Texas…

    I always liked junkyard hunting when I messed around with old cars, so I know I would love dusty hunting..