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Interview with Jim Rutledge, Four Roses Master Distiller (Part 1)

Thanks for checking out the most recent posts from my visit with Four Roses. If you haven’t read them yet (here and here), I feel it helps to add context to Part 1 of my chat with Master Distiller, Jim Rutledge.

The morning of this conversation was spent taking part in a Barrel Selection at Four Roses aging and bottling facility in Cox’s Creek, KY. And what a treat it was. We tasted Four Roses’ OBSV recipe from five single barrels. The differences were amazing, and tasting bourbon right from the barrel is special for sure. Later that day I headed up to Four Roses distillery in Lawrenceburg, KY. There I was able to sit in Jim’s office and chat about Four Roses, the Bourbon industry, and all sorts of other great stuff.

Jim had planned on giving some background before we jumped into the “interview”. After about 30-40 minutes I realized, “man, this is too great not to cut this camera on.” So I did, and this is part 1 of an hour long conversation with Jim Rutledge. He was more than generous with his time. Enjoy.


  1. I’m really enjoying your series on the Four Roses. I know I’m learning a ton about the bourbon process. Stores in my area just started having Four Roses popping up, I am certainly going to be picking up some. Good job!

  2. Andy, it is not uncommon to see Four Roses just now making it into certain areas. They are in 46 states today and growing.

    And thanks for reading/visiting the site. I’m glad you’ve enjoyed it thus far.

  3. I’m really enjoying your series on Four Roses. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  4. Thank you Eric. Glad you are enjoying it. I enjoyed my visit immensely so I am glad that is coming across well.

  5. Dear Sir, my Great Great Grandfather name was Joseph Peyton and what info i can gather he lived in frankfort ky. I believe he was the Old Joe Peyton of Old Joe Distiller in Larenceburg ,Ky now Known as the Beautiful Four Roses. If you now any information about Old Joe I would love to hear about it. My fathers first cousin gave him a Old Joe whiskey bottle before he past several years ago its the only one we;ve ever seen. I”ve enjoyed reading your blog and hope to here from you soon.

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