New Reviews

Well I’m back in the saddle after a week and some change off. I have some exciting stuff in the queue also. This leads me to a little technical glitch update.

Perhaps you noticed last Thursday that my Michter’s Unblended Small Batch Whiskey review was posted without a video. My format of choice is always video for reviews. I back that up with tasting notes so you can get quicker access to the info. But I just feel this format gives me an opportunity to discuss the whiskey in greater detail. Of course it also saves you from my subpar writing. ; )

Anyway, the Michter’s review originally had a video review recorded and ready. However, serious issues with the video upload feature on my camera messed up the video. While on vacation I wasn’t able to correct the problem so I posted it until I could get back and figure out the issue. Now I have a couple of other reviews in the queue and the same problem popped up.

I don’t want that slowing me down for the short term. The the latest reviews for Knob Creek Single Barrel Reserve and Small Batch will post shortly, but without an accompanying video for now. I hope to have one for it early next week.

Cheers to you!



  1. Texas says:

    “Of course it also saves you from my subpar writing. ; )”…aww that’s bull write very well..

  2. charles says:

    thanks for keepin um coming, even without the video i still get what i feel is highly valuable info. Thanks jason

  3. Thank you Charles. Have a great Friday.

  4. Lazer says:

    Sorry, I should have read this one first. I got too excited to see KC on deck. Ralfy uses a flipcam. Good luck.

  5. Lazer, the vids are coming soon. Should have the Knob Creek up early next wee.

    Aaron, keep on the lookout for this new Single Barrel. I think you will like it a great deal.

    Texas and Andy, I have seen the Small Batch online for $23-35+. So it’s all over the place. I couldn’t find the retail price but I think you’ll find it in that range. Great point though Andy on value. In my area I was looking at an $8 plus tax difference in price. At $15, well then certainly that value slips a little. And certainly i realize you weren’t questioning the price, I just wanted to explain the logic behind where I have it. Others may have the same question, so it’s good to toss that out there.

    Appreciate all the comments folks.