New or Notable Whiskey List

This is definitely my shortest post ever. I’m never brief, so this is a first for me.

I thought it might be helpful to put together an ever evolving list of some of the new and notable whiskeys that I’ve had lately. This has been suggested by a few visitors, but I’m just getting around to it. Some whiskey on the list might have received a strong review from me. Others may be whiskeys I’ve yet to fully review but still impressed me. With new American Whiskeys hitting the market every month, this list is what has my attention most. I fully intend to add additional lists as well over time.

So with that, here’s the Whiskey List. It will sit in the top navigation from here onward. I appreciate any and all feedback. If this is not a helpful resource please let me hear it.

Drink your whiskey!



  1. Andy E says:

    I like it. How will we know when it’s updated? Just need to check it every once and a while? Maybe a monthly update of what you enjoyed this last month? Updated on a particular day perhaps?

  2. Andy, the list is dated so any time I make a change I’ll change the date so you are aware it’s updated. Thanks for the question.

  3. Joe Serapilio says:

    Jason,The list is working for me already!I’m on the fence about the Handy.Your comments are prompting me to go get one.There is a store near me that has three bottles.Joe

  4. Joe I was very impressed with it. It’s a bold one for sure. As you mention, that’s the other great thing, it’s probably the most available of the Antique Collection.

  5. Ben says:

    Hi again Jason, nice to see you’re constantly developing the site. Wish I could attend some of those whisky fest’s you have over there and try the rarer recommendations! Still, I’m probably luckier here when it comes to access to a variety of scotch/irish.

    On that point, I was looking at your review list and correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t see that you’ve reviewed any Rittenhouse products. Is there a reason for this? I have never tried any of them, though they’re easier to order in the UK now. Do you reckon any are worth it, even just for the rye experience? I enjoy rye but it’s not commonly available here. Sam k said he was a rye lover perhaps he could share some thoughts if he sees this post. I would love to increase my awareness of the styles. Cheers guys.

  6. Thanks for the comment Ben. The Rittenhouse products are great. One of the reasons I’ve not reviewed them is availability. Their 100 proof standard entry rye is a classic and one of the best values on the market. It’s a tough find right now, but last week I was in Chicago for WhiskyFest and picked a bottle up at Binny’s. So a review is soon to follow. Many distilleries missed the boat on rye. They made their normal runs and barreled and bottled as they always do. Then with the cocktail movement here and consumers wanting more and more flavorful whiskey to drink, the rye started disappearing from the shelves. This is really worth noting because it allowed some new guys to enter the fray. Companies like Templeton, Redemption, and High West to name a few. Some independent distilleries had high rye blending whiskey on hand awaiting use in their other spirits. This stuff was available and so these little guys scarfed it up and made names for themselves.

    You also have some rye’s that stick very close to the legal definitions of 51% Rye Grain in the mash bill. But then as noted above, there’s this move toward really high rye percentages. It’s a hard grain to work with, but it’s tasty. I’m a real lover of rye whiskey. I think we’ll see the big boys like Heaven Hill, who makes Rittenhouse, begin to catch up. I enjoy their older products as well but they are definitely expensive so I’ve refrained from reviewing them.

    Anyways, all of that just to say I will have a Rittenhouse review in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

  7. Franco C. says:

    Nice summary of your recent reviews and experiences. Really liked the Angel’s Envy, but lusting for the barrel strength . Sorry I missed you at Whiskey Fest, as Chi- town is my town!!

  8. Ben says:

    That’s very interesting, I didn’t realise that American rye had been sidelined in recent years and it sounds like a great shame. It explains a lot though. Strange also that even a ‘standard entry rye’ as you call it would become hard to get.

    I believe it’s possible to pick up an 80 proof standard version of Rittenhouse in some stores in the UK, I don’t know if you’ve seen that around much in the States. I guess it might have less flavour than the 100 but I’ll try to get my hands on whatever I can.

  9. Ben, Rye’s definitely marching back in a big way and as mentioned the big boys are going to catch up at some point. Also what I meant by “standard entry” is Rittenhouse’s base entry Rye. It’s delicious.

  10. sam k says:


    Thanks for paying attention to my personal fixations. i’m not a fan of anyone’s 80 proof ryes (or bourbons for that matter), but if that’s you’re only option, try the Rittenhouse. If you have access to Wild Turkey Rye, I’d suggest that as a good point of reference. Sazerac 6 year old, too, and Rittenhouse 100 proof. I’ll have to admit here that I am more enamored with higher ABVs, as you can drink them straight or dilute them to your liking.

    Jason’s right…ryes caught on just as they were on the edge of extinction, literally. There had been practically no demand for so long that the relatively sudden upsurge caught the distillers off guard. soon, though, there will be enough for everyone (hopefully). Since you’re in the UK, it will take more time and money. Be patient, and maybe find an amenable friend in the States! I’m thrilled to see that there is enthusiasm elsewhere for our true “native spirit!”

    Drink your rye!

  11. Sam’s a whiskey historian of sorts and certainly has a passion for the great American Whiskey……Rye. I too am glad to see that Rye is not only making a huge surge, but is being appreciated around the globe. When it’s on the mark, it’s delicious.

  12. sam k says:


    P.S. There’s still some Thomas Handy Sazerac floating around here from this year’s Buffalo Trace Antique Selection, and it might be my favorite yet of the annual releases. If you can get hold of one, it can be an excellent educational experience with a little water; then less, and less, until you get it up to barrel proof.

    The Double Rye is great, too. I agree with Jason’s having both on this list. Lots of good things David Perkins has going on in Utah, and I’m willing to bet this is just the beginning for him.

    Jason, FYI, we’ll be getting rye whiskey back to its home state of Pennsylvania before long. I’ve been consulting with a Monongahela rye fan (and Mon Valley native) who will be installing a major facility here this year, and will keep you abreast as I am permitted.

  13. Agreed Sam. I’d say the Handy was my second fave of the 2010 Antique. They are all delicious so it’s splitting hairs a bit, but Handy’s excellent.

    Can’t wait to hear more about the PA distillery. Please do share when you can. Thanks.

  14. Ben says:

    Have been taking notes here Sam! By the way, I did a search for Pennsylvania Rye on Google to find out more about the history and one of the top results was this site . There’s a reference to a ‘Sam Komlenic’. Is that you? Sorry if it’s just a concidence but it was too intriguing not to ask.

  15. Ben, it’s the right Sam. : )