Critical Beach Business

I am heading for a week vacation to beautiful Charleston, SC – Isle of Palms to be exact. But don’t fret, I’ve got a couple of new reviews in the queue that I hope to have out over the coming week.

One is a great new unaged rye from a small distiller in California called 1512 Barbershop Rye. It’s one of the best unaged or “white” whiskeys I’ve had – fruity, crisp and full of great rye character all at the same time. Stay tuned for that.

In addition I have a little value bourbon faceoff between Very Old Barton (Bottled in Bond) and Old Forester.

I hope you all have a great week, and please forgive me if I’m a little late to respond to comments.

Drink your whiskey!



  1. AaronWF says:

    Well if it’s so critical, I sure am glad you can afford to get away. Me, I’m just taking tomorrow off.

    I know it’s family time, but I’d love to see a video review done on the beach! I’m not sure which whiskey(s) would be appropriate for such a setting… On second thought, I do believe any whiskey would do!

    Have fun Jason.

  2. JWC says:

    Jason, some folks seem to have a lot of luck dusty hunting where you are going. Did they empty the place out? Who knows. Just saying. 😉

  3. MW says:

    Have a great vacation! Drink Your Bourbon!

    BTW: That’s become the new catch-phrase in our house….have a bad day – “drink your bourbon; have a good day – “drink your bourbon”.

  4. Aaron – thanks. I might have to do a little beach review.

    JWC – Another good idea. I always hunt wherever I go.

    MW – thanks so much for the comment – glad the catch phrase is making the rounds. Cheers!

  5. SteveBM says:

    I’m heading to Charleston in a few weeks. One of my favorite city stops for biz for 2 reasons – kickass restaurants and purdy southern belles. I’m going to recommend you visit HUSK restaurant. The food is unbelievable and Chef Sean Brock just won a James Beard Award for best chef southeast. Brock has also become very good friends with Mr. Julien Van Winkle and has put together one of the more impressive bourbon bars I’ve seen outside of KY. He’s even got the PVW uncut/unfiltered 23yr. The bar alone (it’s housed next door to the restaurant which is pretty cool) is worth the visit. Other spots to check out are Brock’s other restaurant, McCready’s and Chef Mike Lata’s FIG. Enjoy Chucktown!

  6. Steve, thanks for sending the information.