Breaking & Entering Bourbon Review

Breaking & Entering is a new bourbon from the folks at St. George Spirits. While St. George makes all of their own distillates, whiskeys, vodka, gins, etc. – Breaking & Entering is the distilleries foray into the sourcing and blending model. It’s something we’ve seen from companies like High West in Utah, and Compass Box in the UK.

For B&E Bourbon, St. George hand selected and procured 80 barrels of 5-7 year old Kentucky Bourbon from some of the big distilleries in the Bluegrass State. They brought it all back to their Alameda, CA Hanger (and I mean an actual hangar on a former Naval Base right on the San Francisco Bay) and tweaked the blend until they had something unique and quite different from other bourbons on the market.

As an aside: St. George is doing some incredible things, and are one of the more exciting distilleries in this country. Be sure to keep an eye on these guys.

Breaking and Entering Bourbon, $33.00, 43% abv/86 Proof
Color: Deep Golden
Nose: Vanilla infused banana cream, flint, dried golden fruits, nutty, well integrated oak. A tang of sour corn mash.
Palate: Balanced and not overly sweet. Honey and toffee on the entry, white pepper, a healthy dose of wood spices, slightly bitter burned caramel, and tea. Core of fruitiness as well throughout the sip.
Finish: Lively and bright. A good prickle on the tongue as well. Here is where the corn arrives, along with a hint of honey and orange peel.
Overall: Very well made, nice complexity and diverse flavors. This is clearly bourbon, but the flavors are presented in a different way than what you may be used to. For those that feel bourbon can be a tad too sweet for them, B&E is a great middle ground sweetness. Superb stuff.
Sour Mash Manifesto Rating: 8.9 (Superb/Outstanding)


  1. I just ordered some of this a couple hours before this review went up on the recommendation of! I’m excited to try it, even more so now that I see it gets your seal of approval Jason. =)

  2. sku says:

    Great review Jason. Whenever I’m wondering about a new whiskey, you always seem to pop up with a review.

    In the bottle shots I saw, I didn’t see the word “Straight” anywhere? Is it on the bottle? Is there an age statement?

  3. Sku, this is the one I was mentioning in my email last week. Haven’t forgotten by the way. : )

    No age statement on it and you are quite astute – no “straight” on the bottle. I do know it’s 5-7 years old as per Dave Smith from St. George. I did not get a chance to ask St. George why “straight” is not on the label. In discussions with them and asking about Mashbills and such, i got the impression that some of the specs were unconfirmed. As to whether or not that’s the reason it’s not labeled “straight” I’m not sure. It’s also possible they simply didn’t want it on the label or didn’t care if it was on there or not. This was sourced product from KY so it seems that technically it could have been called that unless there’s something missing that the distillery couldn’t provide that precluded them from calling it “straight”.

  4. Hope you enjoy it Ryan! Cheers!

  5. William Lloyd says:

    Enjoy your website and bourbon reviews. I see your address is TN. I love that you live in TN. and have website devoted to bourbon. That’s great! Bourbon is the one and only true American spirit! I salute you.

  6. sam k says:

    I’m glad that you’re such a fan of bourbon, William, but the production of rye whiskey predates bourbon in this country by many decades. We’re fortunate to have a history of such diversity of spirits on our shores!

  7. William thanks for the comment. I consider my site devoted to American Whiskey of all types, bourbon, craft, single malt (US), and of course Tennessee Whiskey. I do enjoy bourbon immensely, but variety is the spice of life!

  8. Anorak1977 says:

    My guess is that they have added Spirit caramel, e150a. In an email from Ansley Coale of Craft Distillers a while back, he told me that they do indeed ad caramel to their range of brandies (except for single barrel releases). It wouldn’t surprise me if they’ve done the same with this product. That would explain the lack of “straight” on the label. Just my $0.02!

  9. Anorak1977, the term “Bourbon” will not allow any additives, including coloring, other that what is natural to the barrel. So it’s adhered to that for sure. I’ll check with the folks at St. George and see if I can find out the answer. It’s a mystery for sure. Thanks for commenting!

  10. Matthew says:

    I picked up a bottle recently and have been enjoying it (along with the Pats’ victory).

    The following paragraph is me projecting personal wishes on the product…

    I hope B&E develops into regular product that changes with time. The bottle is great; an infinite number of potential blends exist that can be bottled and enjoyed. Plus, one time projects are a fun reflection of the moment we live in.

    Funny how some people are grumpy about blending. Mixing is a core component of Western culture. Playlists, paintings, DJ mixes, and fashion all celebrate the unique objects that result from nixing/blending/sampling/collage/montage/etc. Cheers to St. George’s B&E, Compass Box’s products, and the many excellent products that can only exist through blending.

  11. Matthew I 100% agree. Blending is an art, and it shouldn’t be overlooked. When the blend turns a whiskey into something that is better than just the sum of its parts, that’s a wonderful thing.

    As for Breaking and Entering – St. George absolutely intends for this to be a release they do consistently utilizing the whiskeys they are able to get a hold of. This is honestly one of the coolest distilleries in the U.S. right now. I am sure follow up releases may very well be evolutionary, but no doubt different knowing these guys.

    Cheers and thanks for the comments today.

  12. Severin says:

    Jason, I am a relative newcomer to you and your reviews – great stuff! Glad to see someone is going beyond Bourbon and highlighting some of the other great American Whiskey hitting the market. We love the Breaking & Entering at Mora’s. Another spot on review! Any chance of reviewing something from Balcones in Waco?

  13. Severin, thanks for the comments! I hope to get some Balcones soon. Headed to Austin for a wedding and looking to pick some up. Very hard to find in my area.

  14. Paul McIvor says:

    Jason, thanks again for another thoughtful, thorough review! I just got my hands on a bottle and was pleasantly surprised. For anyone who wants a great example of a whiskey nose that’s full of banana, you might give this a try. 10 minutes in the glass and I thought I was smelling a loaf of banana bread!

  15. Picked up a bottle for a friend and aficionado, his review:
    “Wow this is some of the finest bourbon I’ve ever had. Thanks!”

  16. Bartlomiej Niwinski says:

    this product is coming to Sweden next month, I will check it out after this review.

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