World Whiskey Review

For those that may not know Dominic Roskrow, he is a former editor of Whisky Magazine, one of the largest whisky publications in the world. Today he writes about World Whisky for John Hansell’s magazine, The Whisky Advocate, as well as popular titles like New York Daily. In addition to editing Whiskeria and The Spirits Business, Dominic has also published a number of books. His best in my opinion was released about 18 months or so ago titled, “Worlds Best Whiskies: 750 Drams from Tennessee to Tokyo”.

Dominic’s latest project is an online magazine called World Whisky Review (WWR). This eZine is published through Whisky Connosr, an online whisky community of sorts. Originally intended to focus on whiskey outside of the top-five producing countries/areas around the globe, Dominic quickly recognized the need to feature the occasional article on the exciting U.S. Craft Whiskey scene in WWR.

Enter yours truly. Earlier this year I struck up a conversation with Dom online, and was quite pleased (and very honored) to be invited to contribute an article for his latest project. You can take a look at World Whisky Review HERE. I have an article on white whiskey. Perhaps he’ll invite me back for another contribution, but regardless it was quite fun. Be on the lookout for new WWR releases bi-monthly, with the next one coming before the end of the year.




  1. JSJ says:

    Great write-up! (I think the typist made a mistake on “spurned”, which you clearly meant to be “spurred”.)

  2. I’m glad you’re doing this Jason. You’re the right man for the job! Read the article, not much new there for us SMM followers, but looking forward to future articles.

  3. JSJ, that damn typist was me. I’ll have to get that fixed. Good eye!

  4. Jeffrey Woolley says:

    Dear Jason,

    As always, great review. I have started exploring Scotch more aggressively over the past month or so and therefore your review could not have been more timely. My preference is still for our American offerings but I have enjoyed trying new whisky. I admit, however, I am baffled as to why the Scottish allow caramel coloring? The Dalmore 12 Year consists mainly of caramel coloring, I think. I liked it the first time I tried it (because of a delicious candied date note) and then I bought a bottle and regret the purchase at $45 (Elijah Craig 18 Year money, right?). I tried Blanton’s and The Dalmore head-to-head and thought the Scottish contender lacking, limp, and even presenting a bit of a rancid petroleum jelly profile. It was like a boxing match between me and a professional fighter. The flabby Dalmore telegraphed all of its punches…The Blanton’s, on the other hand, was dead on: rich, full, thick with flavors and had a beautiful and might I add natural hue. I know a lot of people are down on Blanton’s but I would put this particular expression up against a whole slate of heavy hitters in a blind tasting as I think the result would be shocking for some.