Happy Thanksgiving!

I am very thankful for the opportunity to have a place to spout on about something I love very much. Even more so, I’m thankful to have great folks that visit often and contribute. I honestly cannot describe how much fun I have interacting with all of you. The fact that you take time to stop by and hear me out is a blessing for me.

I wish you and yours a very happy Thanksgiving, and hope it will be filled with great family, friends, fantastic food, and of course great whiskey.

This holiday I have a boatload of family coming into town, like every year. It’s my favorite holiday for that very reason. I love to cook and so this holiday just fits right in. Each year we make 3 turkeys (one fried, one roasted, and one smoked) with some of the best sides (or fixins as we say in the south) you’ll ever eat. This year, after the dust settles on a meal that takes 2 days to prepare and 30-45 minutes to eat, I’ll pull all the willing participants into my dining room and we’ll make our way through my liquor cabinet. I’ve got some special ones in store for them – an older Pappy 15s, a 2009 Stagg, the 2011 Parker’s Heritage Collection, and probably a few gems from across the pond as well.

Whiskey, like a lot of things, is best when shared with people. It was meant to be enjoyed any time of course, but it just always seems to taste better with others. Share a bottle with someone this Thanksgiving and you’ll be glad you did. Also, I would love to hear what you’ll be sipping this week – please let us all know!


  1. Vince says:


    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! I will be sipping on Eagle Rare 17 Yr Old (2011), Thomas Handy Rye (2009) and the Elijah Craig 20 yr old that I picked up from the distillery. I am sure I will have a Wild Turkey on Thanksgiving (probably KY Spirit). Love this time of year! Be safe my friend!

  2. Terry says:

    And a happy holiday to you as well, Jason. I’ll be sipping the new antique collection Stagg and WLW. And would love to be sipping pappy 15 if I could only find a store that hasn’t already committed their new allocation.

  3. zach says:

    Great stuff Jason – love your passion and insight, will be partaking in the Parker’s Heritage Collection Cognac Finish on your recommendation, have a terrific Thanksgiving-

  4. Joe Serapilio says:

    Have a great holiday Jason,Still waiting to get my Pappy 15 for this year.Have two in the bunker.Gonna sip on a E.H.Taylor single barrel this weekend. Will you be reviewing this or the first release of it sometime?I think it’s pretty darn good stuff. Joe

  5. Joe, happy Thanksgiving. I sure hope to get to a review of E.H. Taylor Single Barrel soon. Been running tight on the time lately, but maybe soon.

    Zach, thank you. Let me know your thoughts on the Parker’s Heritage Collection.

    Terry, that’s a hell of a lineup there regardless. Enjoy.

    Vince, thanks for the comment and have a great one!

  6. MW says:

    Happy Thanksgiving!
    For us, it will most likely be High West Rendezvous & Four Roses Small Batch.

  7. JSJ says:

    I would love to bring out my Pappy or Parker’s Heritage but I’m afraid I’m the only one in my family who drinks whisky more than once a year. We’ll start them off with Weller 12 this year and see if anyone takes it upon themselves to explore the category themselves over the next year. If so, I’d finally have someone with whom I can the share the good stuff.

  8. Todd says:


    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. It sounds like it will be a wonderful time. I love to smoke the Thanksgiving turkey, so good.

    Also, thank you for all your efforts into keeping this site going. I truly love watching the vlogs and reading your reviews. I enjoy all the details about he whiskeies (mash bills, etc…). Based on your recommendations I recently purchased a bottle of Booker’s (happened to be the same botteling as the one you reviewed) and Bulleit Rye. Very happy with both.

    I am most likely going to be sharing some Garrison Brothers Texas Bourbon with my Father-in-law on the T holiday. Garrison Brothers is a micro in Hye, Texas. They are still just distributing to central Texas. A buddy and I went down to the distillery last month to help with their volunteer botteling. I recieved a bottle of the bourbon for my efforts. Great fun!



  9. Eric S. says:

    I’m thankful for people like you, Jason, that take the time to write and record these blogs/vlogs for us to enjoy. It’s fun to sit down in the evening and go through all the blogs and vlogs that you and many others put out there about my favorite spirit…. whisk(e)y!

    You do a great job and I appreciate it. You and your family have a great Thanksgiving Day!

  10. sam k says:

    I LOVE the holy trinity of turkey! Tough to beat that selection! My best to all this Thanksgiving weekend.

  11. Kip Lipper says:

    Agree with others Jason. thanks for such a great website and such good energy and information on my favorite libation. HTG!

  12. Dave says:

    Happy Thanksgiving Jason!!!

    I stocked up for turkey day, so I’m ready for the food and the football games. On hand….Jack Daniels Single Barrel, George Dickel #12, and Maker’s Mark. Wine-Riunite Lambrusco, Sparkling Wine-Asti Tosti, Tequila-El Jimador/silver, Beer-Pacifico, Tecate, and Boddington’s and Egg Nog-Evan Williams……that about does it!!!

    Dave in Oklahoma
    Go Sooners!!!

  13. MAL says:

    Happy Thanksgiving Jason and to all who comment and read all the good stuff here. I’ll be breaking out Pappy 20 yr and smoking a Cuban Montecristo #2. Go Lions.

  14. Dave says:

    MAL….nice choice of cigar!! When I drink whiskey or bourbon as of lately, I have been smoking either a Punch-Punch or a Fonseca#1,(Cuban) as they are quite smooth and compliment the drink.

    I’m waiting until after the Thanksgiving craziness to obtain a box of 10….Cohiba Behike BHK 56. I may break down and drink some Irish whiskey,,,Green Spot with these. I hope they blend well, if not…George D.#12 to the rescue! Enjoy your Montecristo #2, I always thought piramides had a sophisticated look to them.

    Dave in OKlahoma
    Go Sooners

  15. Ed H. says:

    Read through all the posts and it looks like everyone has some great Bourbon and whiskey selections and plans for Thanksgiving 2011. I will be spending the day with family and looking to enjoy some Evan Williams SB Vintage 97, A few drops of my Old Charter “the classic” and my new favorite Angels Envy.
    Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving.

  16. sku says:

    Fried, roasted and smoked! Man, how do I get an invite to that party?

    Happy Thanksgiving Jason, have a good one.

  17. Jim Sanders says:

    Happy Thanksgiving Jason

    Thanks again for the site and your insights in to some great American Whiskeys.

    I’ve got a suggestion for you that I’ll be sending via email sometime next week.

    Until then, enjoy your Bourbon!


  18. Ford says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, Jason!

    Will be opening up Abraham Bowman Rye, which arrived from the Party Source earlier this week. 134 proof!

    Thanks for the crash course in whiskey and keep up the great work.

  19. Ford, Jim, Sku, Ed, and Dave, thanks for the comments. I hope you all had a great thanksgiving!

  20. MAL, thanks for the comment. Hope you had a great Turkey Day. Great whiskey and cigar pairing there. The old leather, layered spice, and tobacco notes of the 20 probably worked pretty well with that one.

  21. Kip, thanks for visiting, I appreciate it.

    Sam – hope you have a wonderful Turkey day my mine. The trinity of turkey was awesome. Making a gumbo with the smoked turkey leftovers today.

    Eric, thank you kindly for the nice comments. I appreciate that you visit and like reading/watching. Thank you for that.

    Todd, thanks for the nice comments! I want to try Garrison badly. I am very familiar with it, but also hear that it sells out in minutes. Smart decision to help out and get a volunteer bottle. THat’s cool that they do that, keeps their costs of labor down, instills a bit of brand loyalty and community, and you get to walk out the door with some good whiskey. That’s a win-win right there.

    JSJ, I understand not wanting to put all the good stuff out there. It’s helpful to give them starting points to go with. If there’s a less expensive whiskey you really enjoy, pull that out and let them try it and get a little education on whiskey. That’s a great way to have a good time, and help to ramp up their knowledge and jumpstart their interest. Each time I hold a tasting with whiskey newbies, I see a spark in their eye that begins a love of whiskey. It’s fun to watch, and it creates more “whiskey buddies” for me!

    MW – two very nice pours right there. Hope you had a Happy Turkey day!

  22. AaronWF says:

    Jason, you are the nicest whiskey blogger on the internets, and I know I speak for everyone here when I say that your pleasure is our pleasure. I hope your holiday weekend continues in familial enjoyment.

    BTW, I cracked open a bottle of the Parker’s Heritage 2011 last night – loved it! It was very pleasurable drinking before dinner, though after dinner I started missing a bit of complexity. I look forward to drinking my way through the rest of the bottle and credit your review with inspiring me to take the leap. I even revisited my long ignored St. George Single Malt last night after seeing your picture on Twitter, and found much much more to enjoy than I recalled.

    Cheers Jason, and keep up the good work.

  23. SteveBM says:

    Hi Jason,

    Sounds like you enjoyed the holidays. Great call on the leftover-smoked-turkey-gumbo!!

    I got my old man fired up last time he texted me from the liquor store and he had the 2011 versions of Pappy 15, Stagg, and Thomas Handy Rye waiting for me when I landed in Beantown. We also used some Knob Creek to make bourbon mashed potatoes. Good times indeed!

    Thanks for keeping up the blog. It’s great to have a place to have discussions and continue to learn about bourbon, rye, and that other stuff 😉


  24. Cheers Steve!

  25. Aaron, thanks for the remarks. I appreciate it. Sounds like you had a nice holiday also. Cheers!