Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July to all of you that allow me the opportunity to share a wee bit of knowledge and enthusiasm for the world’s greatest spirit. One of the reasons I focus so much of my time specifically on American Whiskey is because I think it’s the finest, most diverse, and most exciting whiskey category in the world. I feel a deep sense of pride when I sip something fantastic that this great country has produced.

On a more important note – Thank you to everyone that has fought for the United States of America, and for those that still do so today. Living here is a privilege that I hope is never lost on me.

In honor of the 4th, make yours a pour of American Whiskey today. As for me, I have a day of Mint Juleps, great beer, and eventually some Pappy 15 on the docket. There’s not a sip that won’t make me think long and hard about what it means to be an American, and all those that have given me this opportunity. We are lucky in more ways than we know.

Happy 4th of July to you all.

Drink your AMERICAN whiskey!



  1. Jeff Woodside says:

    Jason, happy 4th to you and yours! I will be celebrating with two extremely rare Four Roses single barrel bourbons I picked up at the distillery last week. One is 11 yrs old (OESK 20% rye and 121 proof) and the other is 17 yrs old (OBSV 35% rye and 111 proof).
    I can’t promise how long these will last, but if you’re in the St. Louis area any time soon, shoot me an email and I’ll share a dram or two with ya! –Jeff

  2. Ryan says:

    Happy independence day! I’ll be celebrating with some Four Roses Single Barrel just like Jeff (and Tim, it seems), though mine is the standard off-the-shelf variety. Still great, though 😉

  3. Joe Serapilio says:

    Happy 4th of July Jason.Went to a barbeque&the host had some Knob Creek for me.Always good!!

  4. Steve says:

    Happy 4th, Jason! I’m about to break out my bottle of Baker’s and enjoy some baseball. Thank you to all the active military and veterans for your sacrifices! Proud to be an American!

  5. sam k says:

    Much like Ryan, I prefer the term “Independence Day” to the more generic date reference. It’s our independence we’re celebrating , not the 4th of July, but I quibble here.

    I was blessed to find a handle of Evan Williams 1783, which I never even knew existed in the larger size, and it’;s taken quite a hit in the last few days, including tonight, in honor of those who have given so much over the centuries to our cause.

    Happy Independence Day, Mr. Pyle, and long may she wave!

  6. Theo says:

    Happy Independence Day, Jason and my fellow Bourbon-lovers. I celebrated by enjoying some of America’s finest spririt two ways: (1) homemade bourbon-glazed ribs (Evan Williams Black) and (2) 3 fingers of Elmer T. Lee.

    I hope everyone had a great holiday!

  7. DBMaster says:

    great sentiment, Jason. We do tend to forget that, aside from the ultra-rich, we in the United States of America are generally more comfortable than the vast majority of human beings on the planet. The things we take for granted (since summer is upon us, air conditioning comes to mind) are extreme luxuries to more than 90% of the people on Earth. The fact that we can even vent about our government in a public manner is a privilege enjoyed by a TINY minority of people in human history. Let us all be truly thankful.

  8. Rick B. says:

    Agreed, nice sentiments, Jason.

    We spent this past week at Ogadonga State Park. Got some fishing in and did the cave tour.

    For the 4th I grilled some ribeyes, then enjoyed a glass, or was it two(?) of Elija Craig 12 year and a Hoyo Excaliber #1.

    Is this a great country or what?!

  9. Ben says:

    We sipped bourbon (Eagle Rare, Ridgemont Reserve, and others) all afternoon. And then at dinner we raised our glasses “to the United States, and to government of, by, and for the people — may it never perish from the face of the earth.”

  10. Folks, thanks for sharing. Sounds like everyone did the USofA proud with their accompanyments last week. Cheers!

  11. Sam I agree with you and Ryan. Much more appropriate and for my reference to the day only I need a good slap on the wrist. Hopefully all understood my sentiment well. Happy Independence Day indeed. The best country in the world.