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Merry Christmas!

Thank you for your support this year and for contributing mightily to this website via comments and interaction. It’s greatly appreciated.

I hope this Christmas morning finds you and yours in great health and spirit. There’s lots to be thankful for, even in the toughest of times.

Merry Christmas and drink well my friends!



  1. Merry Christmas Jason. Cheers!

  2. Merry Christmas Jason! Thanks for stoking my passion for bourbon! God Bless and Go Gators!

  3. Jason-

    Merry Xmas & Happy Holiday’s !

    Thank you for your reviews and Bourbon Comraderie !*!*!

    Jim Listerman
    Cincinnati, Ohio

  4. Thank you for all the time and effort you put into this blog. Have a great 2013!

  5. Merry Christmas Jason !

    Always great reading your reviews.

    Cheers !

  6. Merry Christmas Jason! Thanks for all you do. Best to you in 2013!

  7. Merry Christmas everyone. Go Blue!

  8. Merry Christmas as well Jason. Greatly appreciate your reviews and hoping the George T Stagg is next.


  9. Ho Ho Ho to you and yours. Merry Christmas.

  10. Merry Christmas Jason. Thanks for your insights in 2012. Always spot on!

  11. Merry Christmas Jason. I have a lot of drinking to do, thanks to you. Looking forward to that year end “best of” list.

  12. Verrrrry Merry Christmas, Jason. Keep doing what you do!

  13. Merry Xmas and thanks for what you do! A bottle each of Basil Hayden, Elmer T Lee and Woodford Reserve double oaked under the tree this morning; Guess I’ll keep the wife around for another year. How did you do? 🙂

  14. Jason,

    merry Xmas, got a bottle the New Holland Beer Barrell Bourbon under the tree, most definitely would be interested in hearing your thoughts, haven’t tried it yet, read Chuck Cowdery’s blog he seemed to give it some credence.

    Great website bud.

  15. Happy New Year to all my bourbon-centric friends in the blogosphere! Snow is falling, good bourbon is my companion, and I’ve got the next two weeks off!

    The toughest of times? Not even close!

    Looking forward to what you’ll be serving up in 2013, Jason!

  16. Crap! What to do? Those da&n Mayans! Bought a brand new Mercedes, financed a 100%, and some really expensive bourbons.
    Guess I’ve got to take the car back……think I’ll keep the whiskey! Happy New Year to all!!!!

  17. Introducing my wife to the Sourmashmanifesto website was the smartest thing I’ve ever done. Instead of the normal sweaters, colognes, socks & underwear, etc. that she gives me every Christmas, under the tree this year (much to my surprise) was a bottle of Whistlepig, a bottle of Four Roses 2012 Limited Edition Single Barrel, AND a George T. Stagg! Thanks Jason for making my Christmas a memorable one. Now, which bottle do I open first?

  18. Jason, a belated Merry Christmas and best wishes for a Happy New Year to you and your family. Thanks for all the great reviews in 2012, and please keep them coming!

  19. Belated Merry Christmas Jason and Happy New Year! Appreciate all of the time and effort you have put int to an excellent resource for us Bourbon lovers. I enjoy every review and truly get excited when I see a new review posted.

  20. I am a better informed bourbon drinker because of your blog. Keep it up!

  21. God has been good to me this Christmas season! I got my hands on a bottle of Pappy 20, 15 and two bottles of Jefferson Reserve 18 year. I don’t deserve it not one bit! This East KY boy should have got a lump of coal!

  22. Hope Santa was good to you and your family, Jason. Here’s to great times, great whiskey, and nothing but the best to everyone for 2013. Happy New Year/Drink Your Bourbon!!

  23. Jason, I hope your holidays were filled with good cheer and great spirits! Thanks for all the wonderful, informative reviews. You’ve taught me how to fully appreciate this uniquely American spirit — from using the proper glassware to evaluating the nose and savoring the aftertaste. You’ve also helped me put on a few pounds and take off a few digits from my bank account, but it’s all good. Keep up the outstanding work!!

  24. A Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family as well! This year I split my drinking between beer and whiskey over the holidays. I treated myself to a few cases of Yuengling products since they were less expensive than nice bottles of whiskey. If you’ve never had Yuengling beer, give it a try (If you can find it in your area). It’s the best bang-for-your-buck beer out there! I can’t wait to see more of your reviews coming up in 2013!

  25. Jason, your website is a gift which keeps on giving year around! Thanks so much for your stellar work, especially your bargain bourbons.

  26. Jason….what? We dont like new tasting posts? Have you gone off the tasting cliff?

    Just goofing but……

  27. Over a month without a review?! If you are having trouble finding a candidate, may I suggest Bulleit bourbon and/or Ezra Brooks Single Barrel. I know how I feel about both of them, but I’ve been interested to know your take.

  28. Jason–

    Please review Benchmark by Buffalo Trace Distillery.

    Personally highly enjoy Benchmark.

    Looking forward to your review.

    Jim Listerman
    Cincinnati, Ohio

  29. Thanks Jim, I’ll see what I can do.

  30. Coming Andrew – Appreciate the suggestions. Been taking a nice long rest of late, but will get cranking soon.

  31. Hey Jason, hope all’s well.

  32. SCMayor – reviews coming. Been taking a little time off, but will get kicked up soon.

  33. Thanks for visiting Wes!

  34. You are a good man charlie brown…..4 roses small batch limited edition is my request.

  35. I’ll tell you right now- the Four Roses Small Batch LE 2012 is fantastic!! It’s even better than the single barrel, in my opinion.

  36. We’re all clearly in ‘Manifesto Withdraw’. 😉 Can’t wait for the next pour!
    Anxious to hear your thoughts on Breckenridge Bourbon. Cheers to an excellent ’13, Jason.

  37. Hope you had a great holiday, Jason. 4R LE Small Batch 2011 was one of my Christmas presents. I sure see why 4R is one of your favs. Hopefully some of the 2012 will be left for my bday in July.

  38. Hey Jason! Happy New Year to you, sir. If you’re taking suggestions for reviews I’d love to hear your opinion on the Col EH Taylor Straight Rye. I picked up a bottle a while back and I love it. Hope you have a great and bourbon-filled year.

  39. I know it can take hours to fully review and enjoy a GTS pour but the length of time between the 2012 BTAC reviews is insane!

    Hurry back Jason. (-:

  40. Maybe we could get the folks at Dickel to put his picture on a bottle declaring him missing. Maybe he has the bourbonic plague. My wife is worried because I haven’t bought any new liquor since the end of November.

  41. Help Us Obe Wan Kenobe

    You’re Our Only Hope

  42. Lester Armstrong

    January 17, 2013 at 11:35 AM

    Miss your reviews. I check your page faithfully every morning as I run down my favorites. Would love to hear what you are drinking . . .

  43. Thanks Lester. Reviews coming – appreciate your patience with me!

  44. GQuiz and Jim – Hilarious. I’m glad I’m missed. I suppose it should only be worried if I wasn’t Appreciate your patience and hanging in there!

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