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My name is Jason Pyle and I’m an American Whiskey enthusiast. I started Sour Mash Manifesto to help educate readers on American Whiskey.

Like most of you visiting this website, I have an immense passion for whiskey.  My interests in bourbon, rye, and other American Whiskeys began almost 20 or so years ago.  I developed and pursued the interest further – nosing, tasting, sipping, noting, reading, learning, and most importantly ENJOYING anything I could get my hands on.  It was a personal education of sorts and one that I am no less passionate about today.

Sour Mash Manifesto is not active with content any longer, but hopefully you will still find articles, reviews, and stories within that are relevant to you.

Thank you for visiting, and Drink your Whiskey!

Jason Pyle
Sour Mash Manifesto
Phone: 615-406-6026


  1. Hi Jason,
    I have watched the videos which are very simple and good.


  2. Just found your website — love it ! My only comment — you need to drink more so we can have more reviews !

  3. Thanks Doug. Appreciate you checking out the site and the comments. I’m working on that drinking more thing! More coming for sure.

    Take care,


  4. Jason,Your site is simply outstanding.Being a bourbon enthusiast myself,I have a battle of the titans for you!Two of my favorites.How about doing a comparison between Wild Turkey Kentucky Spirit and Rock Hill Farms.Both single barrel,no age statement&101&100 proof respectivly.Keep up the great work! Joe

  5. Joe, you certainly have issued a fantastic challenge for sure. You also mentioned one of my favorite whiskey’s around. Rock Hill is a vastly underrated Bourbon. I am puzzled why not enough people scurry to buy this product. While not “inexpensive” it’s a great value w/ a ton of depth and complexity. Sweetness is there, but in check and balanced with spice and leathery/savory character. Just an excellent pour. It’s probably been 2+ years since I’ve had Kentucky Spirit, but I think your compelling suggestion warrants definite consideration…..and soon. I’ll try to get it done by the end of the year.

    Thanks for visiting and commenting. I love suggestions like this and will do all I can to get ’em done. Especially when they are this good. Take care!


  6. Hi Jason:
    I enjoy your site, I found it through I am a bourbon enthusiast living in Owensboro, KY. Your reviews are very good. I also LOVE Rock Hill Farms (i’m glad to see you are also a big fan). Will we be seeing any of the buffalo trace antique collection reviewed? I think an interesting comparison tasting would be the Handy Rye versus the Sazerac Rye. Keep up the great work, I’ll be watching.

  7. New to the site and really enjoyed your comparison reviews. Interesting take on the typical review. Thanks for the insight.


  8. Thank you Ryan for the comment and for the visit. I appreciate it!

  9. Vince, thanks a bunch for stopping by and commenting. Ralfy’s a great man for giving me a plug – what a guy! Glad you found me! We share a love of Rock Hill Farm – I’ll be getting to it soon I promise!

    As for the Antique collection I absolutely will be doing it. I’m waiting for some shops in town to get the full collection – 2 have told me they are on the way. The Handy vs. Saz is a great idea. I’ve got about 5 set reviews coming up but I’ll see what I can do to work em in.

    Thanks again for the comments!


  10. Jason,
    Great Vlog, Nice to see you as well as Ralfy doing this as I get tired of the “corperate” tasting stuff (wish Jim Murray would start doing videos, but you guys are doing well enough :). I can’t trust a opinion from someone whos “show” is sponsored by a distillery and or attached to a magazine. (we’ll leave them unnamed) Love the head to head, how about a pairing of “style types” like…. if you like this you should try….
    Also you should get some proper tasting glasses I may have to mail you a tasting glass ….. also careful on the lighting as the last one was a bit under lighted. Also thanks for not tring to get overly specific/pretentious. Keep up the good work.

  11. Scott, thanks for the comments – I really appreciate them. I like your suggestion on Style types – I’ve definitely got some plans around that. I also plan to continue talking about style differences. Sometimes it’s a process of elimination to figure out what you like as a consumer.

    As for the tasting glasses – I’ve tried them all. I’ve tried the Riedel high end to the Glencairn, and everything in between. The glasses I use are far and away my favorite. They are the closest to a classic copita-style nosing glass that I have been able to get my hands on. In addition to that they are $5 each from Crate&Barrel. It’s their Port glass and you can find them online. In fact I tell people about them any chance I get because I’ve tried them all and these are as good as any, at a far more reasonable price.

    Appreciate the lighting comments as well. It’s been tough to find the right location with enough good lighting but not too much. As you can tell what I know about proper lighting you can fit in a thimble, but it’s a work in progress always.

    I can’t thank you enough for your comments and insight. Take care!


  12. Jason, I meant to post a comment HERE but accidently posted it after the review of High West Double Rye!!!!! I just wanted you to know how much I like your website!

  13. Thanks Darren. Appreciate the compliment greatly. Happy Holidays!


  14. Jason,

    Great website. Thanks for all the efforts. I was wondering if you could do a review of Knob Creek (at least I didn’t see one on your site). I’m very curious of your opinion. Thanks!

  15. Absolutely Ted, I’m waiting until early Feb when the new Single Barrel is out and I plan on doing a review side beside between the two. Thanks for the comment!

  16. love your reviews!!! Best on the web!!!!!!

  17. Wow Steve, that’s way too kind man. I really appreciate your taking the time to visit and watch/read them. Thank’s a lot.

  18. Jason

    Can you do a review of the Jim Beam line of sipping bourbons? Booker, Baker, Knob Creek, & Basil Hayden


  19. Dirk, thanks for the comments. A full line up is coming, minus Bookers. It may be a few weeks but I’m on it. Thanks so much for the suggestions, and thanks for visiting too!

  20. Jason,
    Small world, I am a whiskey and bourbon lover also and am blown away with your website. It’s impressive. I have tried most of the one’s that you have rated and love the reviews. (those that I have read) I will be catching up on them all now that I know you are ‘The Man About Bourbon’. Just made that up. Look forward to talking bourbon & whiskey with you.

  21. Kyle, small world indeed. We have to get together and sip some for sure!

  22. Jason,
    Your website is superb — as are your selections for reviews. They’re very informative and well thought out. I’d wished to ask – have you tried Tuthilltown Spirits’ offerings ? They make a few different bourbons under the “Hudson” label including a bourbon from 100% corn and a 4 grain bourbon.
    I was at their distillery 2 weeks ago — and one of my thoughts while talking w/ the folks there was that I would have appreciated what your thoughts might be on their whiskeys.

    I know you must get a lot of requests of this nature to review this whiskey or that – but I just wanted to throw it out there as perhaps something that would find it’s way to your list sometime in the future – as I said – I think your reviews are great.


  23. Thanks Jason

    I am wait your review and ratings.

    I think you are very “right on” in comparing the many bourbons available.


  24. Rajesh, I have something in the works on the Rye, Four Grain, and Baby bourbon from Hudson range. I hope to have something on this soon. I’ll be frank, I find them to be solid, if unspectacular. To be fair I’ve not sat down with them and formally reviewed them but I will soon. I ALWAYS appreciate suggestions. Thank you very much for the comments and keep any suggestions coming!



  25. Jason,

    Wondering if you could give your opinion of Prichard’s Double Barrel? I’ve heard it is very good and being distilled in TN, I would really think you’d love to try it.


  26. Alan, this is interestingly one I haven’t had yet. But I have been meaning to try it. Stay tuned!

  27. Hi Jason,
    I’m right next door in Murfreesboro. A local liquor store did a bourbon tasting with a Kentucky distillery that makes Rowan Cree, Pure Kentucky and Noah’s Mill. They are all three very complex and interesting bourbons I thought would be interesting to see you review. They are also very reasonably priced considering how long they age them.
    P.S.-My uncle just gave me a 20 yr old Pappy for my B-day!!

  28. All of these are good. For me the Noah’s Mill is the class of the group. It surpasses the other two for me. I know them well and hope to get to them soon on the reviews. Thanks for sharing. And what a great uncle you have.

  29. Dirk Stickdorn

    March 16, 2011 at 8:48 PM


    My hat is off to you. I believe you have published one of the best, if not “The” best Bourbon Whiskey reviews on the web.

    Please keep it up. I am jealous of all the many different Bourbons you have had the opportunity to taste and enjoy. (It shows in your reviews)

    When you get the chance, I would like to see your review of the
    Buffalo Trace Antique Collection. You have already review the 2010 George T. Stagg Bourbon with an epic rating of 9.6. I would like to know what your think of the rest of the collection.


  30. Jason, after doing a lot of research I decided to try Buffalo Trace bourbon. I feel this is very high quality bourbon!!!! Have you had it?

  31. Darren, BT is good stuff. Very well made and a strong strong value. I’ve had it a lot and enjoy it. I’ll have a review on it soon. Cheers!

  32. Dirk, thank you very much for the comment. I sure appreciate you visiting and enjoying the site. Hopefully I’ll be able to hit more of the BTAC soon. I’ve had a lot of trouble getting a hold of Weller and Sazerac 18, my two other faves in the collection. I don’t have any problem saying that the 2010 Weller is 9.4-9.5 territory. It’s one of my all time faves.

    Hopefully I’ll get a hold of some soon and can get a review out on them. Thanks again!

  33. Jason,

    In general I think the word awesome is overused but your site is awesome. Thanks for the reviews and love the devotion to my newly found favorite drink(bourbon) after suffering so long in the wine dominated(and pretentious) west. Keep up the good work and I look forward to your reviews of other BTAC selections as well.

    Greg G.

  34. Greg, thank you man. I do appreciate the comment and your visiting the site. I alway love suggestions so please keep them coming!

  35. Hey Jason-

    Been following your stuff for a few months now and terrific commentary. Glad to get the shared view of Buffalo Trace as the solid bourbon it truly is…I’m definitely not one to consider it over-rated. Quick question – with a recent move into mixology and paired with my love for bourbon – are there any lesser known cocktails you like to mix up? Don’t get me wrong, a top notch Manhattan, Old Fashioned, etc are standard go to cocktails that I love, just wondering if you’ve got some more obscure ones to pass along…and keep on keepin on-


  36. Zach, what about a Vieux Carre? They are delicious. The problem with it is all the ingredients – bourbon, cognac, benedictine, Vermouth. My favorite without a doubt though is the Mint Julep. Frankly I believe it’s the most underrated cocktail around. Long forgotten by many, and relegated to a spring/early summer sipper around the time horse racing starts. Not for me. I drink them about 6 month out of the year. I’ve got a good recipe on the site, but i’ve perfected that even, and will have a new update too it soon.

    Thanks for the comment!

  37. The Julep, for sure I agree with you on that one…but the Vieux Carre is a new one for me and fortunately I’ve got all the spirits and bitters so will give it a shot. And since it calls for a rye, I guess a request for you to review Sazerac when you get around to it…and thanks again


  38. Jason, i recently was lucky enough to find a small stash of Pappy 20 year old. I purchased the last two bottles they had. They also have the 23 year old but it is very expensive. I know you are a fan of Pappy especially the 15 year old. Do you think it is worth investing in a bottle of the 23 year old?

  39. Bill, I’m not one to every tell someone to break the bank, because with BOurbon there is so much fantastic value out there. However, yes sometimes I enjoy being the other voice on the shoulder. ; ) So in this case I can say buy. I like the 15 year better, but I think the 23 is an experience that is worth having if you really love the Pappy line. So, if the means to procure one isn’t an issue, then I say go for it. Cheers.

  40. I had an eye opening experience indulging in great bourbons last year at the Bear Bourbon BBQ festival here in Raleigh, NC. Never thought I would enjoy drinking so much and havent been the same since! Your website is very informative and BY FAR the best bourbon reviews I have found. Keep up the good work.

  41. Chris, thanks for the comment. Appreciate it greatly and glad you are enjoying your whiskey. The BB&BBQ festival is a fun one and a great place to try a number of whiskeys and see what you like. Thanks again Chris.

  42. Jason

    I notice on your Baker’s review that you have switched from a port glass to a whiskey sniffer glass. Do you think the whiskey sniffer glass is better for nosing?


  43. Jason

    Excuse me, that was the Bulleit 95 Rye whiskey review when you changed to the whiskey sniffer glass.


  44. Dirk, the Riedel Port glass and the Glencairn Copita are may favorite glasses. These I’ve been using are the standard Glencairn. I switch it up from time to time, but I prefer stemmed glasses. Easier to pick up without getting the glass all smudged with finger prints. Thanks for asking.

  45. Jason, what would your TOP 3 Bourbon’s be in the $20-30 range? I am interested to know if I hav tried any of your favorites in this price range. Thanks, Darren

  46. Darren, thanks for the comment. Very tough question. First, I think the range sort of naturally goes from Low to Mid teens-$22 and then from Low to Mid 20’s-$30. That’s not a definitive thing, it’s just how I break them down in my mind. In the first category I think three of the best are: Very Old Barton Bottled in Bond (BIB) (100proof), George Dickel No. 12 (not Bourbon, but a winner in that range), and Wild Turkey 101. Is there a better one than these 3, I’m sure if I thought long enough I would find one, but these 3 come to mind quickly.

    In that second range the first thing I’d tell you to do is go on a hunt for the Evan Williams Single Barrel 2000. It’s an exceptional whiskey and you can still find it on shelves today in that that $25-30 range. The 2001 is great (I’ve reviewed both on the site) as well. Next I’d go Elmer T. Lee – one of the most underrated whiskeys on the market without a question for me. Then it’s a tossup with W.L. Weller 12 year and Elijah Craig 12. I give Elijah a slight nod but it’s close.

    So that’s a little more than you asked for, but I think it’s worth breaking them up a bit to see the ranges. Let me know what you think as you try some of these. I think you’ll really like them. Cheers!

  47. Thanks for your recommendations. However, I jumped the gun and bought something on the way home today before I read your email. Based on what I have seen on your website though I’m sure it is good stuff. I went with Four Roses Small Batch. I am looking forward to trying it later tonight. Fortunately I have tried (and like VERY much) Wild Turkey 101 and Evan Williams Single Barrel. I actually was torn today between the Four Roses and the George Dickel No. 12. So I guess I was reading your mind!! The deciding factor was that the Four Roses was on sale, so i went with that. Thanks for your honest comments, Darren

  48. That’s a great buy indeed. I really enjoy the Small Batch.

  49. Jason, I have some very bad news from North Carolina. I went in search of Elmer T. Lee yesterday only to be told that Elmer has been “de-listed” in North Carolina. This means that NO liquor store in NC carries it in stock!!! In order to get it you have to special order a WHOLE CASE of it. This was disappointing to say the least! I was looking forward to tasting it since it is one of your highest rated whiskeys. I suppose I’ll have to cross into South Carolina and see if they have it down there! This is just some info that some of our friends might be interested to know. Thanks, Darren

  50. Wow Darren that blows me away. Shocking. I’ll be sure to pass this on as well – thanks for sharing this sad sad news.

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