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My name is Jason Pyle and I’m an American Whiskey enthusiast. I started Sour Mash Manifesto to help educate people on one of America’s National treasures – whiskey. Whiskey is a topic I have an immense passion for, spending a great deal of my free time nosing, tasting, reading, and learning as much as I can.

I live in the beautiful town of Franklin, TN, and spend my daylight hours as the Chief Operating Officer for a National Information Technology and Healthcare Professional Services firm, Latitude36. I have a gorgeous wife and three special little daughters that keep me very busy at home.

How did I first get into whiskey? My earliest memories include my grandmother, Marjorie Thomas – I called her “Mamaw”. She was an old-school country girl that grew up in the hills of East Tennessee. I think even she’d admit her palate was less discerning, but she enjoyed a “nip” (as she called it) every now and again. I remember very fondly spending weekends with her and Papaw, and watching her tote around a red “Solo” cup of Bourbon or Tennessee Whiskey with a splash of 7-up or Ginger Ale.

Mamaw had many other “uses” for whiskey. For example, her “cough syrup” was the best tasting “medicine” on the planet. She missed an opportunity to mass market the stuff in a day and age where cough syrup all tastes like fake and sickly sweet cherry syrup. It’s a simple recipe consisting of a couple teaspoons of bourbon, a teaspoon of honey, and a squeeze of lemon. To this day when I have a cough I whip up a batch of Mamaw’s homemade ‘tussin.

Over a decade ago a very good friend of mine urged me to try some Bourbon’s that he enjoyed. A Friday night liquor store run opened me up to the world of American Whiskey. I’ve been hooked since. As a self-described foodie with a passion for cooking, whiskey resonated with me. My memory bank of flavors as a result of my cooking experience made describing whiskeys a very natural thing. Eventually I felt the need to do something with that, and Sour Mash Manifesto is the result.

Today, my mamaw’s in heaven sippin’ a couple “fingers” of whiskey with my papaw. Hopefully I’ll do her proud with my own little take on something we both love.

Thank you for visiting,

Jason Pyle
Sour Mash Manifesto
1738 Liberty Pike
Franklin, TN 37067
eMail: jmpyle1@gmail.com
Phone: 615-406-6026


  1. Jeffitaph – thanks for visiting and commenting. I greatly appreciate it.

  2. Doug, Jefferson’s Reserve is very good bourbon. Very good indeed. The 17 and 18 year are well made. What did you think of it?

  3. Doug A says:

    Jason, I was very impressed with Jefferson’s Reserve. My bottle read No 0227 of 2400, batch 120. Nose was oak, vanilla, butterscotch, with a low alcohol presence. Taste was sweet, brown sugar, oak, maybe some leather. Finish, long sweet with brown sugar, tobacco. My observations: a very well made bourbon, top shelf indeed. Would rate this up with the Van Winkle products but not up with Pappy 15. Four Roses Single Barrel might nose it out by an edge for complexity, but an excellent bourbon that can take the place on my top shelf when Van Winkle family bourbons are hard to find. Goes well with a good cigar…seems to bring out the sweetness in a good way. Need to try Angels Envy with and without a cigar this weekend. Your site is teaching me to enjoy America’s Spirit! Life is short….enjoy the good stuff! And like our Kentucky Derby and Preakness winner…”I Will Have Another”!

  4. Alan T. says:

    Jason, like you, I have the love for tasting, drinking, and exploring different bourbons. I’ve gotten to the point where I’ve seemingly exhausted my resources (other than PVW, Stagg, and Parker’s HR). In this lull period, i’ve come across 2 bourbons that I do not see listed on your site (I come to your site regularly for new ideas and recipes and compare tasting notes with yours). The two that I have found are John B. Stetson and Pure Kentucky XO. Other than Stetson’s promotion on bourbonblog and numerous sub-par reviews of Pure Kentucky on bourbonenthusiast, I have heard next to nothing on these two bourbons and was wondering if you could provide some input on them. Are they even worth trying?

    Cheers! and drink ’em while you got ’em


  5. Doug A says:

    Jason, did a taste test Jefferson’s Reserve 90.2 proof and kept thinking it tastes remarkably like another bourbon I tried. Very similar to Johnnie Drum Private Reserve bottled at 101 proof . Remarkable resemblance between the two, but one costs about $50.00 and one about $25.00. Since they are both bottled by Kentucky Bourbon Distillers it made me say maybe I need to do direct taste comparison between the two. More to come….

  6. Doug A – interesting observation!

  7. Chris D. says:

    Jason, great website, I check your reviews before any purchase. I recently went to a whiskey tasting which had a few samples of “white whiskey” or corn whiskey, will you be doing any reviews for the new moonshines or white whiskies that are out there?

  8. Alan T. says:

    Did you get a chance to look over my previous comment?

  9. Alec says:

    Hi Jason,

    I tried the Bernheim today and it’s quite good, but i think it’s way better with a few drops of ardbeg (or any islay). You should try it!


  10. Alec, always good to try blending a little here and there. You’ll end up with sometimes poor results, but you never know when you are going to end up with something great!

  11. Randy Watson says:

    Jason: Just picked up a bottle of the Four Roses 2012 Limited Edition. Excellent pour. Have you tried it?

  12. Jim Listerman says:


    Thoroughly enjoyed your recent review of Ancient Ancient Age 10 Year.

    I live in Cincinnati and have easy access to Northern Kentucky Retailer “The Party Source”.

    Party Source website shows 1.75L AAA 10 Year for $24.95 !*!*!

    Xcellent Price —–> I’ll be stopping in SOON to acquire per your recommendation.

    Please consider review of Buffalo Trace Distillery bourbon possibly from same Mash Bill as Buffalo Trace and Ancient Ancient Age 10 Year………

    “McAfee’s Benchmark Bourbon”

    Exceptional Value @ less than $16.00 (on sale @ Party Source) for 1.75L

    Ohio stores also stock Benchmark.

    Thank You…….

    Jim Listerman
    Cincinnati, Ohio

  13. Bo Baxter says:

    Thanks for the AAA review Jason. I live 25 miles from the Buffalo Trace Distillery but never have toured it. You need to get a bourbon value list 20.00 > and a Christmas Bourbon list ( Special/Present quality stuff). Tried the VOB BIB and loved it. Enjoy your site very much. Thanks.

  14. Randy Greer says:

    Tried some Dickel #12 Whisky after watching your review. As usual you never steer me wrong. This is my favorite Tennessee Whisky hands down. Good Whisky at a good price. Still looking for some Ancient Ancient Age to try. No luck yet!
    Keep up the great work!!

  15. My brother from Frankfort just brought me a fine bottle of Old Weller Antigue. Can’t wait to smell and taste this bourbon. He works at Buffalo Trace in the bottling dept. Jason has excellent reviews. Enjoy all info read, keep up the good work and fine art.

  16. Jefferson says:

    Jason, I recently stumbled upon a bottle of Bowman Brothers, out of Virginia. Or are they? Hard to find much on this distillery, other than they are priced as premiums and there are three Bowman family bottles (a rye and two bourbons – i believe?).

    Do you have any background you can share on this distillery?

  17. Jefferson, Bowman is a great distillery. Affiliated with Buffalo Trace. They get their juice twice distilled from BT and then distill and age themselves. The are really doing great work right now. Truman Cox, the distiller is an outstanding whiskey man.

  18. Downunder Dave says:

    Great site Jason. At 40, I’ve come to American Whiskey late in the piece so now I’m playing catch up footy. Unfortuntely, there’s not a huge selection here in Australia (basically all the main players only) and, as per my post on the WT 101 Rye, we pay through the nose for what’s on offer. Love the work on YouTube too.

  19. Scott S. says:

    Jason, your site is the best resource for bourbon on the web (in my opinion). If you have tried Rowan’s Creek, I would love to see your assessment. To me it is very similar to Black Maple Hill, but probably a few steps above in flavor and quality. Keep up the good work. Thanks.

  20. Scott, you are too kind. I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the site. I do enjoy Rowan’s Creek. Check back soon as Ill have a review.

    Also, it’s interesting that you mention it reminds you of Black Maple Hill. They are both bottled by Kentucky Bourbon Distillers so that might be why.

  21. Thomas says:

    Jason, I recently have read your review about ORVW 10 Year 107
    Are there any that would come close to this kind of flavors?
    Currently I try to collect lots of experience about the bourbon and tennessee whiskey.
    No doubt, Germany yet is more interested in single malt whiskey then in high quality whiskey
    from North America. Unfortunately, that is why it’s difficult to find some special.

    Cheers! (in German “Prost!”), Thomas

  22. Donald Maas says:

    Jason, if I can make a recommendation, you should try Fighting Cock from Heaven Hill. For $20 a bottle, I think this is a good bourbon and would value your opinion of it.

  23. Thanks Donald – It’s been a while since I’ve had that one. Might have to give it a try just to check it out again. Always happy to review suggestions.

  24. Thomas, see if you can find the Weller 12 year old. It’s a lot more available than ORVW 10 and it’s superb. Secondarily the Old Fitzgerald 12 would be a good one to look for.

  25. Alan says:

    Alan T. says:
    2:12 am on May 25th, 2012

    Jason, like you, I have the love for tasting, drinking, and exploring different bourbons. I’ve gotten to the point where I’ve seemingly exhausted my resources (other than PVW, Stagg, and Parker’s HR). In this lull period, i’ve come across 2 bourbons that I do not see listed on your site (I come to your site regularly for new ideas and recipes and compare tasting notes with yours). The two that I have found are John B. Stetson and Pure Kentucky XO. Other than Stetson’s promotion on bourbonblog and numerous sub-par reviews of Pure Kentucky on bourbonenthusiast, I have heard next to nothing on these two bourbons and was wondering if you could provide some input on them. Are they even worth trying?

    Cheers! and drink ‘em while you got ‘em


  26. Alan I have yet to try them so I honestly cannot comment. Perhaps I will get to them this year. I wish I could give you more information, but unfortunately I don’t like saying anything I’ve tried them of course. Cheers!

  27. Rob says:


    Love your work. I have a big weekend planned with a bunch of snooty scotch drinkers. Me? I much prefer bourbon though I’m still fairly new to the finer aspects of it. I don’t have the widest selection of bourbon available to me up here north of Toronto but here’ a modest list of what’s available to me nevertheless. Maybe only 20 or so to choose from at any given time;


    I’m thinking either the Four Roses Single Barrel or just shoving all my chips in and going for the Booker’s. Or, perhaps I should just go with the Elmer T. Lee and be done with it… Any recommendatios on a bottle I might like and not feel out of place with these scotch guys?

    many thanks from a thirsty Canadian.


  28. Bob says:

    Hey Jason,

    I just tried some Old Pogue Master’s Select last night and thought it was great! – very round and palate coating with nuts, maple syrup, creme bulee, etc. It was also extremely well balanced – nothing was too much or too little. I was wondering if you were planning to do a review on this Bourbon anytime soon. Thanks, Bob

  29. Bob, thanks for the comments and the insight on Old Pogue!

  30. Rob, I hope I haven’t caught you too late. The think with Scotch lovers is I’ve found many feel bourbon is too woody/oaky, and too sweet. You just nailed one of my recommendations. Four Roses Single Barrel’s high rye mash offers a bit more balance. They also age their bourbon in single story warehouses, with less volatile temperature changes, which can sometimes bring out too much of the wood. Either the Small Batch or the Single Barrel would be a great one. Elmer T. Lee and Rock Hill Farm would be also.

    have fun!

  31. sam says:

    Jason, you have a great site! I recently purchased a bottle of Hancock’s Presidential Reserve and find it delightful. Have you sipped this? What are your thoughts? You should do a review? Thanks for the bourbon work you’re doing!


  32. TriMarkC says:

    Just found your site today – this will take some time! 🙂
    I’m not a big fan of whiskey – I’ll drink it when that’s all thats available when with friends – but I prefer bourbon (haven’t tried rye). I’ve tried a few – Makers Mark, Four Roses, Knob Creek come to mind – and was thinking of picking up a bottle soon.

    I was wondering if there is a way to sort your reviews, either by rating or some other category?


  33. TriMarkC – thanks for visiting. Working on a sorted rating system I assure you. Stay tuned!

  34. Sam, I haven’t had this one. I’ll check it out. Appreciate you visiting and commenting!

  35. Rick J says:

    Hi Jason

    Just heard that the Parker’s Heritage 6th Edition has been released and it is a barrel strength blend of select 11 year rye and wheat based Bourbons. Do you think you’ll be giving this one a review soon?

  36. Alec says:


    When you doin the cedar ridge bourbon review (im at school in iowa so id love to hear your input on it … ie. is it worth 40 dollars?

  37. Alec it should hit early next week. Cheers!

  38. RIck J – absolutely will be doing a review of this one. Thanks for checking in!

  39. Lewis Hairgrove says:

    Just last week my wife and I visited the George Dickel Distillery ,
    took the tour, and purchased a bottle of the Barrel Select to try.
    Today I find your Manifesto; And now after trying the product I purchased, I also agree this is a fine Whisky.
    I enjoyed you review!!!!! Keep it up!
    Thank You
    in Oklahoma

  40. Alec says:

    Hi Jason,

    I tried Oaked Arrogant Bastard ale (aged with wood chips) and found it very good. Do you know of any good beers which have been aged in rye or bourbon casks? I hear the style is a hit and miss between brewers



  41. Lundy Campbell says:

    I have really started to get into bourbon in the past couple of years. I love your site and visit it often to get recommendations on what to try next. I was wondering if you plan on doing a tasting of Leopold Bros. American Whiskey. Sounds like they are doing some interesting things out in Denver!

  42. Lundy – thanks for the visit and comment. It’s tough for me to find Leopold Bros. here but I’m really looking forward to trying some soon.

  43. Alec, I have enjoyed some barrel aged beers, but sadly not enough. There’s a lot of bad ones out there. I’ve been underwhelmed for sure.

  44. Cheers Lewis. Thanks!

  45. Jeff says:

    Hi Jason. I’m new to your site, and to whiskey blogs in general, but really enjoy all of your information and reviews here. I started reading Sku’s site and a couple of other blog recently and found yours today when looking for a review on EC 18 that I purchased on a whim. I love EC 12, its a regular pour for me. Anyway, Just wanted to say hi from a former East and Middle Tennessean (Knoxville and most recently Murfreesboro) I moved out here to NC about a year ago but miss my old stomping grounds. Go Vols!

  46. Cheers Jeff. Thanks for visiting.

  47. John Janzen says:

    I’ve been drinking whiskey for years, but always in mixed drinks. Now trying to learn about it and enjoy it by itself. Your site is great and I am learning a lot. Thanks!

  48. Nick says:

    Hi, I’m a big fan of your site. Love the reviews. I wanted to ask if you had any plans to do reviews (or had any thoughts) on the Prichard’s line of whiskies (double barrel bourbon, chocolate, rye, single malt etc. ) I’ve seen them popping up in my local liquor stores recently here in Ohio and was hesitant to make the purchase, a few were a bit pricey $48-$58. I’d love to hear a man from Tennessee’s impression of these Tennessee whiskies. Thanks!
    ps had my parents pick me up a 1.75L bottle of AAA 10 year old when they were in Lexington KY at Keeneland to watch the horses and it’s great stuff even in the plastic bottle! Thanks for the recommendation!

  49. Thanks Nick – hope to get a chance to review them at some point.

  50. Thanks for the feedback John. Cheers!

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