Bad Beat 온라인바카라 Jackpots

Okay, so I want to tell you a story about one of the most sneaky 온라인바카라 baccarat and deceiving tricks that casinos use to try to draw you into their casino and get you hooked on their games now. This is a typical strategy that poker rooms use and it’s called a bad beat jackpot.

Now, if you don’t know what a bad beat jackpot is it’s usually this board that they have on the poker room on the wall and it’ll say something along the lines of. If you play a poker hand in our casino and you lose with four of a kind Aces or better, then you win this rolling jackpot and they call it a bad beat jackpot, because in poker, that’s essentially what a bad beat is when you lose with A super strong hand, so you’ll find these bad beat jackpots pretty frequently in the majority of poker rooms, especially in Las Vegas.

Now, the first time that I ever heard of this or saw one was when I went to Las Vegas for the first time when I think I was maybe 24 or 23. Something like that – and I remember going to the Venetian Casino with my brother at the time we were just low-stakes players and we played the usual 200 or 300 buy-in for No Limit Hold’em.

Now what we noticed in the Venetian 온라인바카라 was they had. This massive sign on the wall for a bad beat jackpot and the amount was staggering. I think it was somewhere over fifty thousand dollars closer to sixty thousand, and I thought that this was pretty crazy now.

The interesting thing was that this was the bad-beat jackpot hit. While I was playing at a table now, this story is significant and it’s one that I want to share because of the bad beat jackpot.

It reinforces this idea or this trap that gets people addicted to 온라인바카라 gambling, and it’s the what-if factor, it’s like what, if it’s my lucky day today, what if my numbers are going to show up and what if I’m just gonna hit it big, and This is the reason why so many people play the lottery or scratch tickets or gamble at the casino.

It’s for that chance that Rush of hitting it big and just beating the odds now, what ended up happening was that during this trip to Vegas, I, and my brother were super addicted to playing poker, and when I mean addicted, I mean playing sessions in the 14 To 16-hour range, like I’m talking about we’d wake up, eat some food, go to the poker room and then just play all day all night until like 4 am or something crazy like we were addicts, we were junkies and this is what we love to do and So I remember this one hand where I think me and my brother were playing at office tables and I didn’t pay too much attention to the Bad Beat jackpot or any of the promotions that these casinos have, because I’m usually just concentrated on playing my game.

You know I was addicted to the Game of Poker. I was addicted to gambling and this is something that I just love to do. But what was amazing about this trip was that eventually there was this pot at my table and I don’t know how the hand went exactly, but I wasn’t in it I folded and this lady raised and a couple of other guys called and this one lady and This other guy, they played this massive massive pot and I remember the board the five Community cards that use in Poker were very connected and very suited.

I believe, there’s a lot of diamonds, so something along the lines of there was two Aces Ace of Diamonds. Two three four like it was very connected, so straight flush was possible and four of a kind Aces was possible as well and what’s crazy was that when these two players went all in on the river, the lady showed up showed her hand, which was 온라인바카라 baccarat pocket aces.

So she had four of a kind Aces and she was like ecstatic to win this pot and this guy, I think he showed like four or five of diamonds or something like that and he made What’s called the steel wheel, which is straight from Ace to Five, but he had a straight flush, and so originally this was interesting because she felt dejected.

She was like. Oh my gosh, like I lost with four or five four-of-a-kind Aces. She lost this like six hundred dollar pot, and this guy was extremely happy, but what she didn’t realize was that she actually hit the bad beat jackpot, and someone at the table mentioned this to her and just let her know, and then she went from just pure Sadness and anger and ejection to all of a sudden she was ecstatic like she got that feeling she hit it big.

She won the lottery and she had no idea how much she won, and neither did I because I didn’t pay too much attention to it and she went somewhere along the lines of it was like $ 58,500. It was like some obscure amount like that.

I just remember it was just slightly below $ 60,000 and this is in US Dollars it was also cool because they gave every other player at the table a hundred bucks. So I ended up getting a hundred dollars.

So I benefited from this and I always remember this story, not just because I saw this lady win an exorbitant amount of money or that you know I saw something super interesting and cool, but I realized how big of a trap the bad Beat check the bad beat jackpot is because you see these Progressive jackpots in something like slot machines.

For example, you see that there’s like this 온라인바카라 jackpot, that’s progressively growing and growing and only getting bigger and what it does is it gives you this false hope that if you just keep playing that if you just keep going that eventually, you might get lucky and Win that jackpot, but when, if you, if you calculate the odds of that happening, it’s like getting hit by lightning or whatever right, like winning one of those massive slot machine, jackpots the odds it’s so minuscule in comparison to you know the amount of money that you’ll Lose in the process by playing these games that it becomes very, very deceiving and ends up becoming a trap, and I knew this because, after witnessing this hand at the Venetian Casino, all I could think about were bad beat.

Jackpots, like I wanted to make sure whenever I played poker, I played it at a casino that had one of these bad beat jackpots, because just in case you know what. If what, if you know, I might get a Crazy Hand and lose or win and get one of these massive jackpots and win like some five-figure bonus – and this is this – is a terrible thing to think about, because it influences the way that I, that money Influences the way that I thought it influences the way that I made decisions and so the rest of this Vegas trip.

I was just obsessed with hunting at which casinos had which bonuses, which casinos gave you know what type of bad beat jackpots to whatever players like. I was just obsessed with this whole idea of you know that what if that? What? If it’s my lucky day, what if I hit a big and what, if I just win one of these massive prizes – and this is sad because stuff like this – These are tricks that will get novices addicted to the game, and this is probably a lot more prevalent in something like slots, for example, but I fell for this trap when you know when I was super young, it was such a weird thing to think about and well perpetuated.

This problem, for me, was, I ended up winning sort of a similar bad-beat jackpot. You know later on in that same trip, but it was something minor. It was like eighty dollars or something like that. It was like this casino that had these a lot smaller jackpots for certain hands, and so I ended up winning another tiny amount of money.

But again it’s these circumstances or these these these 안전한바카라 magical situations. When you win some money that you feel like you shouldn’t have won and you get that dopamine hit. You get all the excitement and feel amazing and those moments are short-lived because if these tactics and promotions and tricks that casinos use, if they’re effective at sucking you in then they’re the ones who are going to win and you’re just going to kill yourself long term.

You’re just going to lose all your money and it’s such a terrible trap to fall into, and so I always remember the story, because not only did I see this one lady go from dejection to pure happiness, but it caused me to chase this artificial bonus Feature – and I realized I was just like any other lottery player or a scratch ticket holder.

You know I was trying to hit it big, beat the odds, and win that massive payday, and you know if you aren’t aware of what these casinos are doing. If you aren’t aware of what these gambling websites are offering you in the form of sign-up bonuses or promotions or special offers – or you know, these are all traps – they’re all Financial traps – that is just gonna suck all your money long term.

So hopefully you guys enjoyed this gambling addiction story. If you missed the last one, you can watch that right here and if you want to follow any other of my work, I have a podcast and a newsletter that you can subscribe to.