I Fell In Love With A Real 리얼돌 Doll

-It’s going to be your perspective that brings the personality to the 리얼돌 doll. -For me, these girls are way more than just sexual. [ Grunting ] Now you’re taking on the responsibility of taking care of a piece of you.

-How’s it going? Companionship — it’s a beautiful thing. It can result in endless benefits on the well-being. It can help you not just focus on yourself but potentially even learn to become a better person.

“To get the full value of joy, you must have someone to
divide it with.” “You don’t need someone
to complete you. You only need someone
to accept you completely.” “I want to be
your favorite hello and your hardest goodbye.

” You could say that again. So, why continue alone? Why keep pushing forward
in this dark, endless abyss of life on my own? I’m not going to do it. I’m going to find
a companion. Companionship. Here I come.

So in this episode, I will be bonding with a sex 리얼돌 doll.   To form a bond with a sex doll, I'm heading to a sex doll factory to meet with a man by the name of Rick. But first, I'm going to stop by a party supply store to grab a disguise to help protect Rick's identity.

All right. [ Chime ] -Hey, Taji. -Hey, Rick, how’s it going? -Good. Very nice to meet you. -So nice to meet you. Thank you so much for having me today. -Yeah, thanks, man. -I appreciate it.

Whoa. See, already some vaginas. -Yeah, vaginas are a normal course of business. -Totally. -So we have a couple of models on display today. It’s a different stroke for different folks kind of thing when it comes to sex 리얼돌 dolls.

The first lady I’d like to introduce you to is Jessica. So Jessica here is modeled to have nice large breasts. -Yeah. They almost feel like… almost like Jell-O. -Yeah, almost like Jell-O. -You like Jell-o? -I love Jell-o.

-Me too. -Yeah. -Wow. -So next here we have Tori. So Tori here will have a mouth and that can be used to receive a penis. -Oh, yeah. -Nicki is a robot, so what you’re able to do with her is have some verbal communication.

-Would you like to form a bond with me? And does the dick come off, or, it’s like… Is it removable? Whoa. -It’s a pound of dick right there. -So this is one pound. Does it double as a woman as well if you take this out or not really? -It doesn’t.

But what we can do is we can take one of these female 리얼돌 dolls and put a dick on them. -Wow. -So this is what’s called a removable vagina. -Got it. Yes, sorry, I got a little sidetracked on the removable vagina, but yeah, sorry, just more about my mission is kind of just to further understand just how one can bond with one of these.

So when it comes to sex 리얼돌 dolls and the bond that you’re going to try and form with the doll, it’s all going to come down to you. Because what you’re going to find with the dolls is they have a persona, they have a face, and some of them will talk, but it’s going to be your perspective that brings the personality to the doll.

-These 리얼돌 dolls were much more about companionship than I had originally imagined, but now it was time to put it all to the test. Rick thought that Monique would be a great match for me, and to maximize my chances of forming a bond with her, he allowed me to customize her to my liking.

Rick then put all my supplies
into a bag and sent me on my way. -Are you sure you don’t want to
lube for the road just in case? -Uhhh, maybe next time. Lube would not be necessary
for the mission I was on.

Now, bonding — that was a whole different story. Getting close to a lifeless object was going to prove harder than Rick had made it out to be. So how’s it going, Monique? So, I don’t know if I told you, Monique, but I’m on this mission basically, to become a better man.

So, you know,
I’m hoping we can hit it off and connect and, in the end,
perhaps become a better person. [ Horn honks ] So Monique was not
much of a talker — I guess I should have
figured that with this sort of relationship.

Learning to love Monique was one thing, but her inability to walk was the biggest issue in our relationship so far. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. So far, this has been proving to be quite difficult. She’s extremely heavy, and I don’t see this bonding working yet.

Fuck! Ahh, fuck. Who was I kidding? I didn’t know how to love this woman. I didn’t know the first thing about companionship. At this point, I needed a teacher — a 리얼돌 doll companionship mentor who could help me fall for Monique.

-♪ You’re so true ♪ Johnny Tiger is a fully-blind, partially-deaf martial artist, teacher, musician, and avid sex 리얼돌 doll collector. Hopefully, he could teach me a thing or two about how to connect with Monique.

-Sorry, Johnny. Hi, I’m Taji. -How are you? -So nice to meet you, Johnny. -Nice to meet you. -Thank you so much
for having me today. So this is your bedroom
right here, Johnny?
-This is the bedroom.

-It’s almost like a museum in here. -Yeah, it also is just like my man cave. [ Laughs ] Society views me as a martial art teacher, but society is not usually ready to associate that with a more sexual or intimate side of things.

-So, yes, maybe, could we meet the 리얼돌 dolls? -This is Stephanie. -So this is Stephanie right here? Maybe I should, uh… one of the breasts has come, um… There we go. -For me, these girls are way more than just sexual.

They are more like an extension
of my… a more, maybe feminine side
of my personality. -What sort of feeling
would you say that Stephanie evokes from you
if you had to, I guess, just put it into words,
like when you look at her, like, what goes through
your mind? -It’s not exactly arousal.

It’s more like friendship. If Stephanie was a real person, she would be that person that I could work out with and maybe spar with martial arts. And, yeah, she’s in phenomenal shape. -It was clear that Johnny had formed a real bond with Stephanie and that unique connection was distributed in equal portions to all of his 리얼돌 doll ensembles.

-Nadia is that person who I would imagine going out for fine dining with. With Sarah, my kind of feeling, she is that person with whom I can feel comfortable talking about gaming. This one is named after my girlfriend, Daisy.

She and the one beside her, that’s Oceania, are less realistic, but they are phenomenal for cuddling. -So this is a thread you created on a sex doll forum, Johnny has taken his passion for dolls online, where he posts incredibly detailed reviews about them.

“The other selections I made on Holly were as follows. standing feet, mouth with tongue, fixed vagina, hollow breasts, shrugging shoulders. It struck me how open and forthcoming Johnny was in his reviews.

“I’m a B.B.W. man.” What is B.B.W.? -Big beautiful woman. -Big beautiful woman man. So you’re a — yeah, you’re a B.B.W. kind of guy. But he didn’t pull any punches if the dolls did not meet his standards.

“I almost went with the recommendation until I saw the 리얼돌 dolls’ weirdly tiny shoe size.” -The feet were like three inches. -Seeing a man so wholeheartedly committed to something was certainly inspiring.

“Stay tuned for more to ‘cum,’ exclamation mark.” I like how you chose to spell come in this instance. [ Laughter ] So is this your studio over here? -Right in here. Right in here. This is where all the serious stuff takes place.

For me, especially as a blind person, I’m confident walking out there, and if anyone was to get in my face and start raising their voice, I’m not scared because I know if it comes down to it, I can handle myself.