You NEED this 온라인바카라 Baccarat Spreadsheet!

The first one is Star 2.0 the second one 온라인바카라 Baccarat is the D’Alembert,   also known as +1/-1 .. we’re gonna do a  walkthrough of both spreadsheets before we get into some gameplay. If you guys want to become a premium member and have access to these spreadsheets go to my website MISTERRAFAEL.

COM  ..Okay let’s do a walk through and we’ll start   with the star 2.0 spreadsheet we’ll start with  the left side here and this is where we keep   track of Banker or player here where it says  first it simply means that whatever result you   click it will show up under the First Column so  check it out we click banker and we could see a   B for Banker on the First Column second is for the  second column so if I click player you can see a p   for player show up on the second 온라인바카라 Baccarat column same goes  for third if we click Banker as an example you can   see B for Banker show up under the third column  if you make a mistake you can just unclick and   click the result you want pretty straightforward  we can play many different strategies with this   spreadsheet for example if we’re playing the no  mirror and I’m using Five results per column I   would just record the results like this and  then play a no mirror over on this column   right so something like that if I’m playing x  marks the spot I can record results like this in groups of three okay so very straightforward  you can keep track any way you like and like   I said if you make a mistake you just unclick  and click the result that you want once you’ve   completed a shoe and you have a whole bunch of  results just like this instead of unticking every   one of them you can come up here and click  the reset button check it out I hit reset   and everything clears you are ready to go for the  next shoe oh by the way the great thing about this   premium spreadsheet is that you can also use it on  your phone I’ve been using this spreadsheet on my   phone when playing at the stadium 안전한바카라 baccarat tables  it’s super easy to keep track of everything on   your phone especially with all of the distractions  so being mobile friendly is a big plus which   brings me to my next point you might be wondering  what this button is it says hide let’s say you   need more room on your phone or laptop when you  click this button it will hide the third column   check it out okay we now have two columns to work  with in case we need a little bit more room and   if you want to bring the third column back you  click right over here where you see the two arrows   right there and right there as you can see the  third column is back okay now that we know how   to use the banker player tracker let’s move on  to our money management and betting strategy   the first thing we need to do is Select our  unit size I’ve created a drop down menu with   plenty of unit sizes to choose from so your unit  size should be here let’s just pick ten dollars   as our unit size you can see that the betting  amounts adjust according to your unit size now   this spreadsheet is the star 2.

We are looking for 온라인바카라 Baccarat back-to-back

0 which means we are looking for 안전한바카라 Baccarat back-to-back consecutive wins you would go in order so your first bet is a four-dollar bet if you win you click on the green box if you lose you click on the red box and if you notice here when we click on the green box a parlayed amount shows up that is what the yellow boxes are for they are the parlayed BET   amount okay so very simple if you lose you click red and move on to the next bet just like this okay but if we win the bet we click green a  parlayed amount shows up and you would do the same thing with the palate amount if you win you click right over here you can see it says done and it shows how much you’ve made in profit so, in this case, twenty dollars, if we lose we’d click the right box and move down to the next bet since we’re looking for back to back, hits with the star   2.

0 so let’s say we’re playing a strategy we lose that bet we move down to twenty dollars we win parlay amount shows up we lose we move down to the next bet we lose thirty dollar bet let’s say we win parlayed amount shows up and let’s say we win the parlay you can see that it says done which means you’ve hit back to back and your profit is twenty dollars you can click reset and start over but before you do I want you to take a look at this box right up here before we restart the star   2.

0 we should be locking in our profits so here we made a profit of twenty dollars and if we click this box right over here the twenty dollars will be added to this box this way we can keep track of our session now that we’ve locked in our profits we can go ahead and click the reset button and as you can see everything clears and you can restart with the star 2.

0 we can maybe go for three hits   per session okay so let’s say we hit right over  here profit is $14 if I go ahead and click lock   in profits the fourteen dollars will be added  to the twenty dollars we’ve already made which   makes our total profit thirty four dollars so far  for the session you would hit clear and remember   not to hit reset before you’ve locked in your  profits okay so let’s say we play another session   and we hit right over here that’s 30 bucks  we would go ahead and lock that in the thirty   dollars would get added so our running 온라인바카라 Baccarat profit  total is sixty four dollars and we can now hit   reset once you are done your session I have  made a box on the right side right over here   so you can keep track of your session results  in this case we’ve locked in sixty four dollars   we’d enter that in okay we’d get up take a break  relax have a coffee come back for another session   and play again I love doing this keeping track  of everything I highly recommend you do the same   if you’re a serious player you should always  know your session results how much you’re up   how much you’re down okay so that is pretty  much it for the star 2.

0 premium spreadsheet let’s go over to the D’Alembert also known as +1/-1.. here is the D’Alembert premium spreadsheet. For those of you who love using a  plus one minus one, this is the sheet for you,   the banker and player tracker stay the same so everybody knows how to use this already right you can hide the third column once again and use the reset to clear okay so that stays the same let’s go over to the betting strategy and money management again we’d pick our unit size Let’s   Go with $25 this time the betting amounts adjust again according to your unit ties and a dollar is very simple on a loss we go up one unit on a  win we go down a unit with the exception being if we’re in profit or close to profit we could bring it back down to base bet so check out the spreadsheet if you click loss it would add a unit to your next bet so next bet is fifty dollars if you lose that it goes to 75 so on and so forth if you win the bet you can see that the 175 would go down to 150.

all right if you win that again it goes down to 125. all right and let’s say we lose   it goes back up to 125 and let’s say we win and we  win you can see that we’ve locked up fifty dollars   and when you’re in the green I recommend locking  in your profit and hitting the reset button so   something like this lock in the fifty dollars  click reset and you’re back down to base bet   if you keep winning your first bet just like  this what you can do is lock in the 25 dollars   all right so it gets added to your 50 which  gives you a total of 75 dollars in profit   and then Place another 25 bet this is if  you keep winning your first bet just like   this you would hit lock in profits you win your  first bet again hit lock in profits okay until   you have lost your first bet once you’ve lost  the first bet then you can move on to the 50   bet and again if you win this you’re in the  green lock in the profit right and restart   there are plenty of flexible options with the  Dallin bear for example if you lose your first   two bets and win on the third you don’t need  to place a two unit bet because your break   even what you can do is just hit the reset button  and start at base bet once again okay and that is   how you use these premium spreadsheets as you  guys can see very straightforward very simple   it saves you a bunch of time so again if you  want access to these premium spreadsheets go   to my website MISTERRAFAEL.

COM and what we’ll do now is get into some gameplay using both of these spreadsheets so I can show you how smooth and relaxing your sessions can go because of how well this keeps track of everything all right so if you’re playing on your laptop You’re simply going to take your spreadsheet and move it to the right just like that and you’re ready to go before we get started if you guys haven’t already consider subscribing to my channel and if you enjoy money management videos let me know by destroying the like button it helps help my channel a lot okay so we have $621 in the balance I’ll start with the star 2.

0 spreadsheet and I’ll do a five-row no mirror to start okay so let’s find a table and get started okay guys here we are I’m gonna take the last four results as we wait for this fifth result so we’re looking for a banker Banker player player as we get a tie and I’m gonna go ahead and record that Banker Banker player player just like that so we’re gonna wait for one free hand here and then we will play the no mirror consecutively okay and for the star 2.

0 you all know that we’re looking for 안전한바카라 Baccarat back-to-back consecutive hits okay so we get a player win playing the no mirror we’re going against Banker so I’m gonna place four dollars on the player okay and the spreadsheet makes everything very smooth all right as you can see it’s just click and go no need to enter anything seven versus nine wow Banker got lucky there so we lose that first bet just gonna go down to the next bet six dollars also on player okay so another tie I’m just gonna pop a rebate here playing the no mirror I’m using five rows looking for back to back hits star 2.

Okay, so there it is ladies and gentlemen,  $667 in the balance. Up forty-four dollars for the session minus some Banker commissions. As you can see the spreadsheet is super easy to use just click and go I’m concentrating on the strategy since I’m not being rushed it makes your life so much easier.